Megan Browne is EU Community Director at, the leading on-line, cross-lingual media for EU News and policy debates.

Prior to EurActiv, she managed PR & Communications for the project which promotes multilingualism in Europe. She has worked in a variety of industries: computer manufacturing, textiles, agriculture & telecommunications. Megan has 25 years experience designing, developing and implementing large-scale IT innovation projects. She studied Comparative Politics and Spanish Literature at UC Berkeley and La Complutense, Madrid. After a management training with Everex Systems in Silicon Valley, she moved to Switzerland to pursue a Masters in Business at Institute for International Management Development, IMD. Thereafter, she relocated to Belgium where she worked for Levi Strauss in various capacities; Planning, Logistics, Re-Engineering & IT Management. As Strategic Programs Manager with Proximus, she implemented Mobile TV (30 channels, 3 languages) & exclusively launched MSN Messenger for mobile in partnership with Microsoft.

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Wednesday, 24 May, 2017

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