Mr. Kakko is one of the forerunners in the serendipity research globally and in applying serendipity management principles in innovation processes.

Ilkka Kakko is a Founder and Partner in Karostech Ltd, a Finnish consultancy company focusing in the development of innovation environments, ecosystem building and science park management. In Karostech he was responsible for he participation in the ENPI SE – 631 project ”OpenINNO” where the project team studied and developed new ways to combine open innovation with serendipity management principles.

Earlier on Mr. Kakko has worked in Joensuu Science Park, in large industrial companies and has been entrepreneur and partner in three partly-owned companies.

Mr. Kakko is at the moment in a process of finalizing his PhD-studies in the topic of serendipity management. He is also the founder of  Respect Serendipity: a forum which focuses on serendipity related issues at global level.

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5 June 2014
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9 May 2017
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