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Second CoP meeting

The CoP convened for the second time on June 3rd, 2014 to build on first achievements since December 2013 and provide further impetus to the Community. The meeting led to fruitful and vibrant discussions, focusing on a reflexive and collective thinking about how to improve self- and co-regulatory (SR/CR) actions. Key documents, presentations, conclusions and follow up are available below.

Programme and participants

Learning from experiences

Articulating vision and realities: lessons, attitudes and process

Break-out sessions

A: Optimising the place and role of SR/CR in the general public policy landscape

B: Applying SR/CR in the construction sector

C: Applying SR/CR on a global scale

D: The role of SR/CR for delivering on privacy

Conclusions and next steps

Follow up: Your input is needed…

The 2nd CoP meeting’s discussions demonstrated the crucial importance of the designing phase of any SR/CR initiative. To facilitate this process, the Steering Committee, who gathered after the meeting, proposed to support the Community by offering a very pragmatic and concrete step by step guide on how to put the Principles into practice.

The idea is to ensure that the right questions are asked as from the very beginning of any SR/CR endeavour.To this end, a first sketch of what could become a decision support tool is submitted to your comments and suggestions in the CoP Agora until the end of August.

Save the date!

The next meeting is foreseen to take place on November 24, at the EESC premises. In the meantime, rendez-vous on the CoP Agora to pursue our collective thinking…

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