FI-WARE FP7 Project met the press and announced FI-Labs expansion throughout Europe in order to create a powerful network of datacenters joining forces for promoting the adoption of FI-WARE as an open standard.

On Monday 17 March Future Internet PPP (FI-PPP) organised an international press event in Seville to update the press on the programme's achievements, launching its open product line:

  • FI-Ware – open Internet technology components for innovative Apps and services
  • FI-Lab – open test-bed for SMEs and web-entrepreneurs to build new Apps and services
  • FI-Ops – freely replicate the infrastructure services wherever you want
  • FI-University – education for SMEs and web-entrepreneurs to fully take advantage

This has been an occasion to look back to six months of hackathons and prizes, which were launched by Neelie Kroes at the Campus Party in London in September 2013.

2014 is a key year for the adoption of the FI-WARE platform by the wide community of developers, including SMEs and entrepreneurs. FI-PPP aims to promote the innovation and development of the Future Internet in Europe, setting Euro 100 million to fund companies and entrepreneurs who develop applications based on FI-WARE during the final months of 2014 and 2015. The initiative will benefit more than 1,000 companies that will be selected through an open call process. 

The press event in Seville highlighted the recent success and spread the word about this upcoming opportunities. For the last news, read the press release and visit Neelie Kroes on Twitter and Facebook.