The pilot phase of the Future Policy Modeling Project (FUPOL) has started. FUPOL aims at a completely new approach to traditional politics. The system is able to automatically collect, analyze and interpret opinions expressed on a large scale from the Internet. Likewise the software has the capabilities to simulate the effects of policies and laws and to assist governments in the whole policy design process.

Pilot in Barnsley, United Kingdom

With its pilot about the “Provision of Land for Employment Creation”, Barnsley wants to increase the availability of quality land for economic development initiatives.  This is to encourage businesses to locate or relocate, or remain and expand in Barnsley and the South Yorkshire region. It investigates and appreciates the current consensus of the people about the areas already allocated. Suggestions and ideas regarding possible improvements are collected. Also feedback on the most important issues is collected and collated constantly, an iterative process done by the FUPOL core platform, which will influence policy decisions and policy definitions.

Pilot in Zagreb, Croatia

The City of Zagreb ensures the infrastructure for the education of preschool and school children and for their everyday involvement in sports activities and access to the city's cultural facilities. An analysis of the existing state and problems is needed to develop the City's Development Strategy. In order to define a new policy a dialogue with the public must be held. The FUPOL platform is used to allow the involved actors to make an investigation on the most used social networks to collect people's opinions on this topic. Such opinions can also be geo-referenced through a specific opinion map. The most interesting suggestions are included in the agenda for the definition of policy issues in the management of social infrastructure improvement.

Pilot in Pegeia, Cyprus

The Municipality of Pegeia has been selected as the 2017 European Capital of Culture. As such, an increased number of tourists are expected to visit the district by then.

Pegeia plans to improve the facilities of the Coral Bay area, the best beach in the Pafos district. Before that it needs to understand the needs of citizens and tourists when visiting that area.

The FUPOL pilot in Pegeia is being implemented under the domain of Sustainable Tourism. It evaluates the FUPOL approach in two scenarios, one for gathering citizen and tourist opinions in order to improve the current infrastructure and facilities of the Coral Bay area, and the second for determining a policy for promoting the island of Yeronissos as an archaeological attraction. The FUPOL platform is being used to identify the best possible way of accomplishing it by taking into account opinions of archaeologists, citizens and visitors.


Pilot in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)

Mount Vodno is a mountain located to the southwest of the capital city of Skopje. It is one of the main points used for recreational activities. The Mayor decided to integrate the citizen in the collection of ideas and proposals on how the recreation centre of Mount Vodno should be designed and managed. The participation of citizens is supported by the FUPOL platform. A simulation tool to show the results of different decisions will be provided.

To encourage the intermodal transport, the citizens are also integrated in the collection of ideas on how bicycle inter-modality can be fostered. The citizen participation is supported by the FUPOL platform including the use of a simulation tool.