Next to the Director General of DG Connect Robert Madelin, these videos feature speakers from industry, goverment, science and healthcare, addressing topics like mHealth in psychiatric care, evaluation of health apps, the viewpoint of the World Health Organisation and European mHealth policy.

Each of the videos, recorded during the European Health Forum Gastein 2013, features a key player in the field of mHealth (mobile health) speaking about a range of topics:

  • mHealth in Europe
  • Design of a mobile, safety-critical in-hospital glucose management system
  • Use of mobile health apps in psychiatric practice
  • People‚Äôs view on medical and wellbeing apps
  • Input from researchers
  • Industry view
  • Evaluation of apps
  • Viewpoint of a healthcare organiser
  • Fighting the global health burden through new technology
  • mHealth in EU health policies

Watch the videos here.

Pictures of the mHealth sessions are available here.

You can also find a general video of the whole European Health Forum Gastein 2013 and more pictures on this website: