On 1st October, PanEuropa Bulgaria organized a conference on the topic of "Freedom and Diversity of Media. Where Does Bulgaria Stand?”. The conference was open by Gergana Passy, Digital Champion in Bulgaria and by Dr. Marko Arndt, Head of "Konrad Adenauer Foundation”, Bulgaria.

Speaker facing the audience at conference on Freedom and Diversity of Media. Where Does Bulgaria Stand

Present at the conference, Matthias Hoepfner, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Bulgaria, critically examined several issues related to media freedom in Bulgaria, stressing on the importance of debate and discussion as tools for achieving free and transparent environment.

The discussion continued with Christian Mir from "Reporters Without Borders”, Germany, who discussed the situation in Bulgaria and said that media freedom is an issue not only here but is a major issue accross Eastern Europe.

Bulgarian journalists also took part in the round table, sharing their views on the topic and their experience in the media field. The event provoked an enormous interest among the public and stimulated great discussion, thus providing for a huge platform for sharing opinions.

In 2012, Vicepresident Neelie Kroes visited Bulgaria and spoke about the importance of a more diverse media.