wants to target up to 65,000 young Greeks over a two-year period. The aim is to motivate them to improve their e-skills to find better jobs; to increase their entrepreneurial expertise and to learn about new technologies.

The Hellenic Professionals Informatics Society (HePIS) informs that it will run the project along with Microsoft Hellas and PEOPLECERT. Over a two-year period, it will aim to increase the number of stakeholders and sponsors as well as the impact and benefits for the young Greeks that will participate.

Within this framework, HePIS and its partners intends to reach the following targets for 2013-2014:

  • Number of young trained: 7,500 (2012-2013), 12,500 (2013-2014)
  • Number of new start-ups: 20
  • Number of people profiting from the project: 53,000 (2012-2013), 65,000 (2013-2014)
  • Number of young who will progress to higher education or training as a result of the Getbusy initiative: 350 is a Greek joint Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. It has been instituted by companies, educational and training institutions, start-ups and HR agencies, aiming to motivate young people to improve their e-skills and employability, increase their entrepreneurial expertise and learn about new technologies.

Specifically, is a web portal containing comprehensive information and educational material that can be used by youngs in Greece in order to improve their skills in accordance with today’s modern and very challenging economic development. offers a online educational quizzes, through which the top scorer candidates have the opportunity to claim great prizes. The prizes include scholarships for Masters and Bachelors Degrees, ECDL Core+ Certifications, educational and career counselling seminars, laptops, tablets and more.

During the first year of operation, granted prizes to more than 53.000 under 30, allowing the  the project to win a distinction at the European CSR awards.

The following actions will take place in 2013/2014

  1. The Getbusy contest will be organized for the second consecutive year, with the aim not only to double last year’s sponsorship, but to exceed the number of young involved in the project.
  2. Improve the educational topics with the introduction of advanced ICT topics such as IT security, software/web development, cloud computing as a field of Business Studies.
  3. Co-organize monthly events and seminars in Professional and Career Development (CV – cover letter writing seminars, interview preparation sessions, etc)
  4. Organize bi-monthly events and seminars focused on Entrepreneurship. Simultanously, a group of experts will provide mentoring services (business plan, technological know-how, fundraising methods, and moral support, legal and accounting framework) to aspiring entrepreneurs to help them get their ideas in motion.
  5. Road shows. Experts in the field of Career Development and Entrepreneurship will visit the Greek universities, institutions and schools  for a series of workshops and events.
  6. Recruit more stakeholders and sponsors. Moreover, HePIS will start partnerships with employment services as well as local governments in order to further strengthen the credibility of and provide a more tangible assistance to young Greeks (ongoing)
  7. Contribute to the development of the Greek coalition to exceed our goals. Currently, meets four out of the five priorities set out by the Commission (training & matching, certification, attracting young people to ICT: awareness raising, attracting people to ICT: innovative learning and teaching).


The project is led by the Hellenic Professionals Informatics Society (HePIS), Microsoft Hellas and PEOPLECERT. It is financed by the global Microsoft Youthspark program and carried out via the cooperation of: The American College of Greece (Deree College), the ALBA Graduate Business School and 13 more stakeholders and communication sponsors.

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Thanassis Papadimitriou | Strategic Planning & Development Director HEPIS

16 September 2013
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9 May 2017
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