Offer for free the PROMIS solution structuring STEM knowledge to the needs of female entrepreneurs and those who want to be more competitive in the job market.

At present PROMIS is a multilingual, multi-country and multi-client enabled management cockpit platform to monitor and control the legal, external and internal compliance requirements efficiently. PROMIS has been developed with the support of the European Commission and offers to experts, institutions and organisations, a generic cloud platform and tools to structure, share and disseminate knowledge from seasoned to young. It also allows transferring business related knowledge to SME organisations up to task level.

WePROMIS pledges to customize the present solution structuring STEM knowledge to the needs of women entrepreneurs and those who want to be more competitive in the job market in a way as to enable them to be fully compliant in core areas like environment, health&safety, quality, ICT Security & Data protection, and more.

PROMIS@Service and Millennia2025 extend the PROMIS compliance management and governance SaaS / cloud platform to support women to systematically develop their e-skills from ICT users’ skills, through ICT practitioners and e-business skills to e-leadership skills.

WePROMIS® brings tangible benefits to knowledge bearers (Mentors): once structured, the knowledge is IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) protected and can be translated in multiple languages on the spot, therefore spread/shared at international level. It also brings tangible benefits to young generation and learners (Mentees), enabling them to access and understand the knowledge of Mentors selected from other countries in a language different than the native one, and to communicate with them in their mother tongue, in a secure and protected environment.

The alliance between Millennia2025 and PROMIS@Service is going to develop Communities of Knowledge between e-Mentors and e-Mentees, building interactive services that can be shared or sold worldwide within Millennia2025.


Contact Persons:

Caterina Berbenni-Rehm – CEO, PROMIS@ Service
Marie-Anne Delhaut - President, Millennia2025

26 July 2013
Last update: 
9 May 2017
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