Create a year-plan to enhance digital skills of the labour force (Digitally Skilled) and internet safety (Digitally Safe) in public-private collaboration.

The Dutch project/program 'Digitally Skilled & Digitally Safe' aims to enhancing the digital skills of the labour force (future employees, working people and jobseekers  of 15 – 64 years of age) in public-private collaboration, as from the level of information skills in the skills pyramid up to the highest level in the pyramid, in order to enhance the capacity for innovation and the  productivity of the economy. A lack of digital skills and digital safety hampers growth of the economy and that of our society, slows down innovation and makes countries vulnerable. Within the program Digitally Skilled & Digitally Safe Dutch public institutions and the business community collaborate to make the Netherlands a digitally skilled, safe and aware country. A year plan describes the Program of Digitally Skilled & Digitally Safe and the activities taking  place within the context of the Program.


founding public partner is the ministry of Economic Affairs. Private founding partners are CA-ICT, UPC, KPN, NVB,  Ziggo, SIDN, IBM. Besides these partners that contribute financially there is a wide network of active members from the education sector (MBO raad, HBO raad, VOI and so on) the library sector (SIOB), computer/telecenters, businesses and so on. The network contains stakeholders on all levels of the pyramid of digital skills and on the main different Digitally Safety issues.

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Heleen Kist | Skills Coordinator |

8 July 2013
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9 May 2017
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