Grant access to four core online course modules to up to 500 users.

The data center has become a critical infrastructure for supporting business and advanced economies. Investment in staff and infrastructure related to data center services has increased dramatically over the past 5-10 years, but the number of people/staff fully qualified to work in DC critical environments has been lower than required.

DCProfessional Development, a global media and events company, offers both classroom and online training in English and Spanish. DCPro’s online courses cover topics such as Mission Critical Engineering, Power, Cooling, Policies and Regulations, and Energy Security. There are 16 online course modules and completion of all modules results in the award of the Foundations of Mission Critical Infrastructure Certificate.

DCPro pledges to grant access to their four core online course modules (Mission Critical Engineering, Reliability and Resilience, Mission Critical Electrical Systems Maintenance and Fundamentals of Power Quality) to up to 500 users to promote the DC industry as a real option now for work and growth professionally into several technical fields (Electro-mechanical , IT, Energy Efficiency, Building, Management, monitoring, security, R&D, etc.).

This project will add value by qualifying technical staff (employed/unemployed) coming from other industries (i.e. Build, legacy technology, industrial plants and factories...) to work in the mission critical industry and help to address the needs of the UE related to technology and new services for the XXI century.

Partners:  DCPro partners with Future Facilities to use its software in its classroom and online courses, as well as ASHRAE to use its books in the development of an online curriculum. They are also partners with the British Computer Society and the US Department of Energy. There is on-going collaboration with public and private universities, as well as local government and associations worldwide. DCPro’s parent company, DataCenter Dynamics, delivers 54 events per year in more than 40 countries as a vendor-neutral leader in the DC industry. DCPro is interested in partnering with organizations that are involved in and/or promote data center standards and education for the long-term benefit of the mission critical industry.

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Monday, 8 July, 2013
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