Lead and facilitate Local Coalitions for Digital Jobs (LC4DJ) across EU, which will support at least 5,000 young people in at least 10 European countries to ICT training or to access jobs.

As a follow-up to the Get Online Week campaign, Telecentre Europe plans to support its national campaign partners to lead and facilitate Local Coalitions for Digital Jobs (LC4DJ) across Europe (i.e. local governments, industry, employment services, educational and social actors). Other Grand Coalition pledgers as well as national Digital Champions will be invited to join the Local Coalitions. Each LC4DJ will agree on local action plan covering at least 3 of the 5 Grand Coalition priority areas (specifically Awareness raising, ICT Training and Certification) and target goals for the short term (1 year) and medium term (3 years). Telecentre Europe will build a common action plan to maximise synergies across countries, particularly focused on the engagement of industry actors and organisations operating in multiple countries across Europe. Short term impact will be evaluated and reported in 2014 at e-Skills week and/or Digital Agenda Assembly.


Telecentre Europe counts with the interest and commitment of its own member community (38 members representing more than 20.000 telecentres across Europe) and the in-kind and funding support of Microsoft. Other ICT & Media industry actors will be mobilised both at EU and national level.

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Gabriel Rissola | Managing Director, Telecentre-Europe | gabriel.rissola@telecentre-europe.org

8 July 2013
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9 May 2017
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