Create 100% industry-led programme to showcase opportunities in the technology sector in Ireland and provide information for people to move and work there.

Make IT in Ireland will showcase opportunities in the technology sector in Ireland to a global audience and provide information to assist people in moving to the country.

This is not a recruitment agency drive. This is a project that is 100% industry-led, with the aim of putting job seekers in direct contact with the best technology companies.

Make It in Ireland is using different channels to reach the right candidates and to provide the information about the jobs, companies and the receiving country on the web site and in social media (Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook ect.). They will provide a peer-to-peer assistance platform. Assistance with moving to the new country will be also provided.

The project adds value through providing a better balance between the supply and demand for labour. Ireland will benefit in the short term through vacancies being filled, country of origin will benefit from potentially reduced unemployment and social welfare costs and longer term from a more experienced workforce returning.


Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Accenture, EMC, VMware, PayPal and others. Make IT in Ireland is constantly looking for the new companies for cooperation.

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John Dennehy | Project Director, Make IT in Ireland |

8 July 2013
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9 May 2017
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