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Prof. Linda Doyle is the Director of ‘CTVR / The Telecommunications Research Centre’ and a faculty member in the School of Engineering in Trinity College, University of Dublin. Her areas of research include cognitive radio, spectrum management regimes, reconfigurable networks, spectrum policy and creative practices as research methodologies.  Prof. Doyle has published over 140 peer-reviewed papers and has raised over 40 million in research funding in the last decade.  Prof. Doyle is a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin. She is a Director of Xcelerit and SRS, two recent CTVR spin-outs.

CTVR is the national telecommunications research centre in Ireland. It is headquartered in Trinity College Dublin and involves six other academic institutions in Ireland and over 120 researchers. CTVR works with over 60 industry partners on different collaborative projects in the wireless and optical domains. The CTVR remit includes research, postgraduate education, technology transfer, commercialisation and outreach. CTVR is involved in European wide projects as well as international collaborations.

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