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Ms. Gergana Passy has been since 2012  Digital Champion of Bulgaria. She is also the founder and president of PanEuropa Bulgaria. Prior to this, she served as an EU Minister of Bulgaria between 2007 and 2009, and deputy foreign minister (2004-2007).

In 2008 Gergana and her husband Dr. Solomon Passy, launched the idea for universal standardization of all GSM mobile chargers. The EU bodies, the world GSM Association and the World Telecom Union accepted their motivated proposal which is in effect since  2011. This policy will save over 20 million tons of electronic waste and CO2 emission each year and will help countering the global warming. For their contribution to the unification of the GSM chargers on EU territory Gergana and Solomon Passy were awarded the Big Annual 2011 National Award “Bulgarian’s of Honor”, by a private jury of leading Bulgarian journalists.Gergana and Solomon Passy are currently working on implementing the UN Report  from May 2011 which proclaims the access to Internet a Fundamental Human Right.  The Passy’s launched an initiative leading to guaranteed pan-European free access to Wi-Fi Internet.

Ms. Passy received a PhD degree in International Relations from Sofia University and a post-graduate qualification in European Integration and EU Law from Asser College of Europe, Hague, the Netherlands.


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