As part of the Startup Europe Initiative, The European Commission has started an initiative to support and promote web-friendly accelerators in Europe, with the aim of stimulating the growth of web startups and enabling them to become successful, sustainable businesses that will contribute to the economic growth and to the creation of employment.

Three of Europe's leading web-friendly support programmes – Seedcamp, Startup Weekend and Bethnal Green Ventures – have formed a consortium with Seed-DB, the seed accelerator database, in response to this opportunity, with the aim of delivering an industry-led forum with maximum pan-European reach and impact.

Key Aims:

• To increase awareness of the existing accelerator programmes in Europe and their benefits among web entrepreneurs.

• To attract other accelerators to support web businesses to grow the overall number of web-friendly accelerators in Europe.

• To foster valuable linkages within the accelerator community in Europe.

• To stimulate a policy dialogue to inform both policy makers and practitioners.

• To improve the evidence base and provide insights and knowledge on accelerators and web startups in Europe.

• To increase understanding on how to participate in future EU policy to improve the environment for web entrepreneurship.

More information about the Startup Europe Accelerators Assembly.