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Michael is a founding partner with H2 since 2002.  He currently holds the post of Director of Learning for The Digital Hub Development Agency (DHDA).  The DHDA implements a range of education and training programmes under the umbrella of The Digital Hub Learning Initiative. The Learning Initiative focuses on the learning and training needs of the local community, schools and the digital media sector. The programme is implementing a range of showcase programmes including Future Creators and a Schools Broadband Exemplar initiative.  These initiatives are designed to capture and share good practice in schools with a view to ultimately informing policy development and implementation around the use of broadband in schools and the design and implementation of after-school digital programmes. 

Previously he worked as a researcher with the Department of Education to develop their first ICT in schools policy, Schools IT2000, and held the post of National Co-ordinator for Interactive Software in the Curriculum from 1998 to 2002.  Subsequently he worked with the World Bank in Turkey between 2002 and 2006 on a range of ICT in School issues.  This included providing advice on teacher professional development, ICT policy development and the effective use of digital technologies in schools.   Since 2002 H2 has worked with a range of schools in Ireland to help them transform their teaching, learning and assessment practices through the use of ICT.  He and a number of colleagues, with support from Microsoft Ireland, recently published a booklet entitled, Redesigning Education: Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century.  In the booklet they make the case that digital tools need to be at the heart of any system discussions around transforming education, not an add-on, as so often is the case.  He is a board member of iScoil, Ireland’s first online school and Chairperson of D8CEC, an adult community education centre located in Dublin 8.

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