Founder, Education Design Labs

Graham has enjoyed a 30 year career spanning the education, creative & digital industries consistently building successful organisations that challenge the status quo.

He is about to embark on the creation of a book and supporting documentary film that explores what it means to learn in the digital age. To be released in 2014 it will feature interviews and case studies from every continent to present a truly global perspective.

During the past 8 years he has focused on bringing the education, creative & digital sectors together to re-imagine what learning & education can be in an age of ongoing digital transformation. In 2004, he founded Learning Without Frontiers (LWF) - a global platform that brought together thought leaders, innovators & practitioners to take part in probably the most challenging & provocative dialogues about the future of learning. Graham left LWF in 2013 to build a new organisation - Education Design Labs (EDlabs) - to put into practice many of the things that were explored in theory by LWF.

EDlabs projects include the creation of a transmedia publishing project in Paris, development of leadership & innovation labs for a schools group in Sweden, conceptual development of crisis response classroom units for refugee communities, conceptual development of affordable mobile learning for children in developing nations, curation of bespoke conferences & the design of personal robotics for children.

Graham has passionate interests in design, learning, society, innovation, creativity, art, film & pop culture.

He works globally but calls London home.

24 May 2013
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9 May 2017
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