Who can register a .eu domain name?
Any company or organisation based in the European Union and any natural person living in the EU is eligible to register a .eu domain name.
What is a registrar?

A registrar is a company or organisation through which you can register a domain name.

What is a registrant?

A registrant, or domain-name holder, is a person, company or organisation that registers a domain name.

How much does registration cost?

The cost varies by registrar. Accredited .eu registrars set their own prices for .eu registrations and related services.

How do I find an accredited .eu registrar?
You can find a .eu-accredited registrar by searching the .eu registrar list. A special logo appears next to registrars which have signed the .eu Code of Conduct agreement.
How can I check whether a .eu domain name is available?

You can check the availability of .eu domain names on the WHOIS database. If the domain name you queried has already been registered, the WHOIS database displays the contact details of the domain-name holder as well as additional registration information.

If the domain name has not been registered, the WHOIS database will show that it is available.

How can I contact the holder of a .eu domain name?

If you want to contact the holder of a specific .eu domain name, you can query the name in our WHOIS database. If the domain name holder is a company or organisation, you will be able to see a physical address as well as a telephone number, fax number and email address. If the domain name holder is a private person, you will be able to see only an email address and a preferred language for correspondence.

If the domain name holder is a private person and you need more contact details than those provided, you can send us a request for the disclosure of personal data. The request must explain your reasons for needing the data and specify how the data will be used.

Complete the request form and email it to info@eurid.eu or fax it to +32 2 401 27 51. Your request will be considered and you will be informed whether the request will be granted or not.

What does IDN mean?

IDN stands for Internationalised Domain Name. IDNs are domain names that contain characters from non-ASCII character sets. These include characters with accents, cedillas and ogoneks.

What is an ADR? How do I file one?

ADR stands for Alternative Dispute Resolution. An ADR is a procedure that was put in place to help resolve .eu disputes. Any conventional court of law within the European Union can also be used to challenge a .eu domain name registration, but an ADR procedure is intended to be easier, faster, less expensive and more convenient.

The .eu ADR procedure is conducted online and is handled by the independent Czech Arbitration Court, which is based in Prague, in the Czech Republic.

Please note that it is not necessary to travel to the Czech Republic in order to present a case. See the ADR website for more information.