Sim-e-Child is providing a collaborative environment for multi-scale and personalized models of a growing heart and vessels (including computational fluid dynamics), operating as an extension of the Health-e-Child grid-enabled platform and interconnecting the Health-e-Child databases with new data from two US multicenter studies. The project will demonstrate the functioning of its versatile tools for simulation workflow composition and sharing of scientific experiments in paediatric cardiology within the GÉANT booth at ICT 2010 (Zone R4: ICT connects, booth #3273). The demo will be displaying Augmented Reality (AR) patterns onto iPad screens interpreted in a dedicated AR spot and transformed into 3D models, as simulation output displayed on larger screens. Visitors can also learn more about data networking services developed within the GÉANT project, such as Bandwidth-on-Demand (BoD) and performance monitoring tools, as well as take part in the GÉANT Exhibition Trail - a fun way to learn more about GÉANT and the networks, projects and initiatives it works with.

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