Create a Career Fair at Campus Party 2013; roll out across Europe a programme of teaching Digital Literacy Skills and launch a pan-European start-up internship scheme

Here is a quick overview of Telefónica's pledges:

  1. Telefónica will create the Talentum Startups, an internships program, which is aimed to improve engineers and ICT professional careers within an entrepreneur and innovation environment.  Telefónica will have up to 400 interns projects in Spain by end-2013 and will scale to Europe: Germany, Ireland, UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Sweden. Telefónica is aiming to have by 2015: 1,000 Startups in Europe and collaboration with 30 European Startups accelerators.
  2. Telefónica Digital Making – Telefónica is seeking to welcome young people, aged 5 to 25 across 6 EU countries, into a world of ideas and technology, giving them the opportunity to practice the principles of entrepreneurship by creating and expressing themselves on digital platforms.  Through a diverse educational program including events within Telefónica offices, workshops in Telefónica stores and on-line training young people are trained in a range of digital skills. These skills will include apps coding, HTML/CSS and Robotic programming. By December 2013, Telefónica will have around 10,000 young people participating across Europe.
  3. Careers Market Place at Campus Party Europe 2013 is the largest global technology festival with 10,000 young people, which will take place at The O2 from 2-6 September 2013 under the patronage of the European Union.  Telefónica is committing to create a Careers Fair where at this event where partners will be able to present and promote recruitment and training opportunities to the Campuseros but also to the wider public during the entire week. Campus Party Europe will signal the start of a broad movement to tackle the skills gap in Europe as well as encourage and promote the development of a digital ecosystem.


Wayra: Telefónica’s startup accelerator, Mola: Spanish startup accelerator based in Palma de Mallorca and other locations, Bbooster: Spanish startup accelerator based in Valencia, CEEI Aragón: Enterprise hub in Zaragoza. Telefónica will collaborate with further startup accelerators, local institutions and Universities throughout 2013. The Talentum Startups program is open to collaboration with partners whom may share the objective of European development by leveraging on youth, technology and entrepreneurship.

Update on Achievements (2013)

Telefonica’s initiative to support young people in Europe, Think Big, has surpassed its ICT skills pledge by over 1,300 participants to help decrease digital skills gap across the continent. In particular, Telefonica's pledge was to have 7,000 people actively participate in the company's Think Big Schools programme. Think Big Schools actually educated 7,764 young people across Europe. During Campus Party 2013 - the world’s largest digital entertainment event – Think Big along with Mozilla and 15 other digital partners ran the Make the Web zone, which added a further 450 participants. Combine that amount with those who participated in a magazine competition (Heat Hack) running throughout October, 2013 and Telefonica not only reached their Grand Coalition pledge of 7,000 but surpassed it with a grand total of 8,314. For more information click here.

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Frédéric Michel | Europe Director of Public Affairs and Communications, Telefónica |

26 March 2013
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9 May 2017
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