Increase the number of high quality apprenticeships and internships by 50% over 3 years, from the current 9000, thus providing an early career lever to help European youth into digital jobs

Microsoft commits to providing an early career lever that helps European youth into digital jobs through high-quality apprenticeships and internships.

Since 2010, Microsoft has helped to provide approximately 9,000 quality European internships & apprenticeships by putting young people on the first ladder of their career & simultaneously addressing the talent gap for digital jobs across Europe. To support the ‘Grand Coalition on Digital Jobs’ it will drive partnerships that will increase this number by 50% over three years.

This pledge sits within the wider Microsoft YouthSpark commitment, the company-wide initiative to create education, employment & entrepreneurial opportunities for 300 million youth around the world over the next three years.  It also complements well Microsoft's support of the Youth Guarantee Scheme that the Commission has adopted.

Partners: The YouthSpark initiative works through partnerships in the public, private and voluntary sectors to address many angles of job-readiness & the school to work transition that youth face.

Scaling the internship and apprentice scheme means that new partnerships with small & large companies will be fostered. Signing the European ‘Charter on quality apprenticeships and internships’ has been a significant first step where Microsoft seeks to encourage further industry engagement initially through exposure to business alliances such as the ‘Skills for Employability Alliance’.

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27 March 2013
Last update: 
9 May 2017
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