Apply the FIT training and support model to secure employment for 12,000 marginalised job seekers in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Ireland by 2016.

Fast-track to IT will work with any EU country, particularly those most in need of assistance due to high unemployment, and apply the FIT model to help secure employment for marginalised job seekers. As a pilot in 2013, they would offer this assistance in Spain, Portugal and Greece. In addition they would extend our service in Ireland to an additional 1000 job seekers.

FIT (Fast Track to IT) Ltd. is an industry-led initiative which works in close collaboration with government departments, national training and education agencies and disadvantaged communities to enable greater access to employment for marginalised job seekers.  It is a unique service in Ireland due to its design of industry specified curricula and provision of extensive soft skills training and support to students.Under the FIT training and support model the private sector specifies the curricula, the state provides training provision.

The FIT model is carried out by a local partner. The local partner would recruit and qualify students and provide soft skills training and support during the training and for up to three years post-job placement. In order to operate the FIT model in an EU country FIT needs agreement and support from the private sector, the state and a local operations partner.

FIT has successfully developed this model over 13 years, provides this service to 2500 students annually and has a 75% progression rate.

Partners: FIT has a well-established range of partners in Ireland, including the private sector, government departments and national training and education agencies. To establish operations in a new country it would need an operations partner, and agreements with local government and the private sector. FIT's pledge has been endorsed by Microsoft Europe.

For more information about the FIT model visit the FIT website.

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26 March 2013
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9 May 2017
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