Set up national roundtables, push for an European standard and a European platform for the e-Competences Framework governance.

Signatories: European eSkills Association, Cepis, CIONET, CISCO, Comptia, Digital Europe, ECDL, EuroCIO, EXIN, HP, IBM, Intel, International Webmaster Association,  IVI, Linux professional Institute, Microsoft, PIN-SME, Randstad and Rete Competenze per l' Economia Digitale.

The European eSkills Association along with the above supporting organizations will promote the adoption and take-up of the e-Competences Framework and commit to encourage, when and if possible, the creation of national roundtables to foster the adoption of the e-CF. At the same time, the signatories promote broader participation in the work of the Workshop on ICT Skills of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and support the efforts to transform the e-CF into an official European standard. They also support the work to set-up a pan-European platform which would enable the entire ecosystem to plan, adopt, adapt and prepare in context of certainty and equal footing.

The work has already started and two of the main deliverables are: (i) to produce a draft a strategy and a business plan, and (ii) to propose the structure for the future European Platform. A taskforce composed of 6 persons, from 6 different organisations, is working towards achieving the above deliverables. Moreover, there is a steering group of 22 companies/associations.

Contact Person

Andrea Parola | General Manager, European eSkills Association | andrea.parola[at]


26 March 2013
Last update: 
9 May 2017
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