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Digital Champions meet at least twice a year and more often virtually. Agendas and reports are available in this section

The Digital Champions Expert Group meet officially at least twice a year. In this page, the meetings minutes and agendas are available for consultation.


10th meeting - 20-22 October 2015

The Digital Champions (DC) Expert Group met for the 10th time on 20-22 October 2015 in the margins of the ICT 2015 conference and exhibition. The group discussed the Digital Single Market with Commissioner G H Oettinger and Roberto Viola, Director General of DG Connect.

The agenda and minutes of their meeting is available here.

9th meeting - 17-18 June 2015

The Digital Champions (DC) Expert Group held its 9th meeting on 17-18 June. The group was briefed and exchanged views on the Digital Single Market (DSM) Strategy and on DSM governance.

The Champions also particpated in the Digital Assembly organised by DG CONNECT on 17-18 June in Riga.

The agenda and minutes of their meeting is available here.

8th meeting - 25 February 2015

The Digital Champions (DC) Expert Group held its 8th meeting in Brussels on 25 February. The group exchanged views with VP Ansip and Commissioner Oettinger and was briefed on the Juncker investment plan, internet governance and Latvian Presidency priorities.

The Digital Champions also participated in the #Digital4EU Stakeholder Forum organised by DG CONNECT on 24 February.

The minutes of their meeting is available here.

7th meeting - 29 September 2014

The Digital Champions (DC) Expert Group held its 7th meeting in Brussels on 29 September 2014. The meeting with VP Neelie Kroes took place from 8:45h to 9:45h.

The Digital Champions also participated in the Digital Action Day organised by DG CONNECT on the same date.

6th meeting - 19-20 March 2014

The Digital Champions expert group 6th meeting was held in Brussels on the 19-20 March 2014. The two-day meeting included workshops on the Grand Coalition, EU Code Week and with the Young Advisers to former VP Neelie Kroes.

6th Digital Champions Meeting - Agenda

  Wednesday 19 March
10:30 Registration
12:45-13:45 Networking Lunch
13:45-16:00 Grand Coalition workshop continued
Chaired by Lucilla Sioli Head of the Knowledge base Unit (F4), DG CONNECT
16:00-16:15 Coffee break
16:15-18:00 Young Advisors+ Digital Champions EU Code Week brainstorming
Chaired by Linda Corugedo Steneberg, Director Cooperation, DG CONNECT
18:00 Informal Networking
  Thursday 20 March
09:00-10:30 Digital Champions meeting with Neelie Kroes
Chaired by Linda Corugedo Steneberg, Director Cooperation, DG CONNECT
  VP Kroes top priorities for 2014 and discussion
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-13:00 Kick-starting the Startup Europe Manifesto
Chaired by Antoaneta Angelova-Krasteva, Stakeholders Unit and Isidro Laso Ballesteros, Startup Europe sector, DG CONNECT
  External stakeholders: European Digital Forum (Ann Mettler, Lisbon Council Think-tank)and the Startup Europe Partnership (Alberto Onetti, Mind the Bridge)
13:00-14:00 Lunch break
14:00-15:00 Digital Champions discussion
15:00 Conclusions and Departure

5th meeting - 25-26 November 2013

The Digital Champions expert group (read the report of the meeting) was held in Brussels on the 25-26 November 2013, to discuss the Champions' priorities for 2014 and to find synergies with those of the then Vice-President Kroes and DG CONNECT. A second aim of the meeting was to inform the DCs about available funding, such as the Structural Funds and to ensure that they were up-to-date with the latest policy developments.

5th Digital Champions Meeting - Agenda


Monday 25 November
12:30-13:30 Arrival and Registration



Meeting with Vice-President Neelie Kroes

Chaired by Linda Corugedo Steneberg, Director Cooperation, DG CONNECT




  • Welcome
  • Presentation of the three new DCs (IT, LV, HR)
  • European Council on Digital Economy update
  • EU Start-Up Manifesto / Leaders Club



Tour de table

What are Digital Champions' plans for 2014 and how they use the European Council conclusions to push their agenda forward?

14:40-15:25 Discussion
15:25-15:30 Wrap up

Coffee break



Operational meeting

chaired by Linda Corugedo Steneberg, Director Cooperation

  • Updates since previous meeting
  • Presentation of Coding Week by Alja Isakovic, Young Advisor from Slovenia


Information and discussion points

  • Structural Funds by representative from DG Regio
  • H2020, including funding and CAF (Carlos Oliveira, F3)
  • Grand Coalition (Martin Ulbrich, F4)
  • Scoreboard and statistics (Lucilla Sioli, HoU F4)

Meeting with Robert Madelin, Director-General DG CONNECT

  • Priorities for 2014
  • Discussion and feedback

Get-together with the Young Advisors


Tuesday 26 November



Meeting with DG CONNECT – Opening Up Education and You

hosted by Pat Manson, Head of the Inclusion, Skills and Youth Unit., DG CONNECT

  • Building on the discussion at the DAA and the webinar on Opening Up Education, this part of the meeting will focus on discussing challenges/drivers and best way forward in the respective countries.
12:30 Meeting ends

4th meeting - 18 June 2013

The Digital Champions expert group 4th meeting was held in Dublin the 18 June 2013. The meeting focused on the three priorities of DG Connect: the Single Telecom Market, The Grand Coalition for Jobs and Skills and the Web Entrepreneurship. You can read the presentations of the champions at the sessions for more information.

4th Digital Champions Meeting - Draft Agenda

Dublin, Dublin Castle


Welcome by Linda Corugedo Steneberg

  • Welcome to new DCs;
  • Update since previous meeting;
  • Brief overview of the various activities in the margins of DAA and DC participation and involvement.

Highlights from 2013 & future challenges for DG CONNECT by Robert Madelin, Director-General

  • Preparation for the October European Council (EU Single market for electronic communication);
  • Grand Coalition on Jobs;
  • Q&A

Elevator-pitch style presentation

  • ideas on How to Overcome the Obstacles in Completing the Digital Single Market in Order to Stimulate Economic Growth and Jobs
  • Tour de table. Presentation of on an interesting idea, initiative or project that the DC is developing or is involved in their country.

Short reaction/discussion on the initiatives/ideas presented

18:25 Summary of ideas to be presented to Neelie Kroes
18:30 Meeting ends

3rd meeting - 18 December 2012

3rd Digital Champions Meeting

Summary of the meeting here.

Minutes of the meeting (pdf).

Draft Agenda

Brussels, Berlaymont Building

08:30 Arrival and Registration
09:00 Welcome from Chairperson: Linda Corugedo Steneberg
Director for Cooperation, DG CONNECT, European Commission

Priorities for DG CONNECT in 2013 and beyond
Robert Madelin, Director General DG CONNECT

10:00 Coffee Break

Connecting Europe Facility and the regulatory framework, Q&A
Gerard de Graaf, Director, DG CONNECT


The grand coalition on jobs and Horizon 2020, Q&A
Megan Richards, Director, DG CONNECT


Sustainable and secure future (E-government, e-health, e-sustainability, security), Q&A
Paul Timmers, Director, DG CONNECT


DG CONNECT Futures 2050
Franco Accordino, Coordinator Digital Futures, DG CONNECT

12:15  Speed Dating Presentations
  • Startup Weekend -Deborah Rippol - European Coordinator
  • Telecentres Europe - Mara Jakobsone, Chair, Telecentre-Europe
  •  - Cheryl Miller, Founder
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Discussion with Vice-President Kroes and Digital Champions
  Discussion: Rebuilding Europe's economy by getting every European Digital in 2013 – what more can we achieve together?
16:00  Conclusions and departure

2nd meeting - 19 September 2012

Working Dinner, 20:00

Summary of the meeting (pdf 91 Kb)



Welcome from Gergana Passy
Digital Champion Bulgaria



Welcome from Linda Corugedo Steneberg
Director for Cooperation, DG CONNECT, European Commission




Discussion: Planning for 2012 -2013:
Exchange of views on different steps being taken to develop Digital Champion plans, identification and involvement of resources (financial and human) to help implement the plans

Chair: Linda Corugedo Steneberg, Director for Cooperation, DG CONNECT, European Commission




Update and discussion on Going Local activities and how Going Local can help the Champions work




Any other business

1st meeting - 25 June 2012


See the summary report of the meeting of the 25 of June 2012 (pdf 138KB).

High level meeting with the Digital Champions
10:30 Arrival and registration
11:00 Welcome message
Neelie Kroes, Vice President European Commission, responsible for Digital Agenda
11:20 The UK situation
Martha Lane-Fox, UK Digital Champion
11:20 The Digital Agenda in Europe
Megan Richards, Acting Deputy Director-General, DG CONNECT
11:30 My big idea
Chris Conder, B4RN , Community representative , United Kingdom
  How can Digital Champions help deliver jobs and growth in Europe?
Moderator: Linda Corugedo Steneberg; Director DG CONNECT
  Conclusions and next meeting
13:00 Networking Lunch with the DG CONNECT Going Local Ambassadors
Operational Workshop with Digital Champions
14:00 Working together: DG CONNECT and the Digital Champions
Robert Madelin, Director General DG CONNECT
14:30 Introducing the workshop
Linda Corugedo Steneberg, Director DG CONNECT
14:45 Personalizing the Digital Champion Role in EU Member States
Graham Colclough, Vice President - Global Public Sector, Capgemini

Graham will talk about the newly published report on Digital Champions commissioned for the UK Digital Champion, Martha Lane Fox. Capgemini Consulting was commissioned to undertake an independent evaluation of the work of the UK Digital Champion and team over the last two and a half years.
  Breakout Discussion: Personalising the DC role in your Country
  Plenary Feedback and discussion: Operationalising the DCs across Europe
17:00 end of the meeting
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