Projects and initiatives addressing societal problems through network effect, in line with the Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation (CAPS).

Creating awareness about sutainability impacts of consumer choices

  • The Eatery: providing customised nutritional advice based on actual eating and sharing/comparing eating habits over social networks
  • Opower: blending behavioural science and data analysis to use less electricity
  • patientslikeme: for sharing medical experiences and problems among patients
  • SPREAD: sustainable Lifestyles 2050
  • EUREAPA: scenario modelling and policy assessment tool to understand the environmental consequences of consumption activities
  • Nike+ FuelBand: tracks physical activity through a wearable accelerometer and syncs up with a motivational web and mobile experience
  • Urban Eco Map: creates awareness to take eco-conscious decisions at local level
  • Ecosearch: search portal supporting the environment
  • Friends of the Earth: app based environmental shopping guide

Lending, exchanging, swapping and bartering at scale

  • COMMUNIA: Network for analysis and strategic policy discussion of the public domain in the digital environment
  • AIRBNB: Renting rooms or places from other people
  • Freecycle: Grassroots and nonprofit movement of people who are giving stuff for free
  • J. Rifkin: Enabling a grid for distributed production and sharing of renewable energy
  • Carma: Carpooling app for smartphones
  • FundingCircle: Lending/borrowing money directly between people and businesses
  • Zilok: Renting objects between professionals or individuals
  • Thecube: Hiring workspace and desk space
  • LetslinkUK: Exchange all kinds of goods and services
  • Landshare: Connecting growers with people with land to share

Better decision making at personal or institutional levels

  • Safecast: Collecting data about radiation through individual devices
  • NESTA Alliance for useful evidence: Embedding evidence in the decision making process
  • Crowdmap: Collect and map information from cellphones, news and the web
  • Localmind: Send questions and receive answers about what is going on—right now—at places you care about
  • safer-streets: Allow people to upload pictures of accidents or report about them
  • SocialSensor: Sensing user generated input for improved media discovery and experience
  • EVERYAWARE: Enhance environmental awareness and promote behavioural change through social information technologies
  • SENSEI: Integrating the physical with the digital world of the network of the future

Better policies or new models for economy, society and democracy

Improing public services, urban environments, democracy, internet, based on open data

  • Kickstarter: Open-source crowdfunding platform for startups
  • Crowdcube: Crowdfunding community dedicated to business
  • Evoke: Serious games to develop and refine ideas to change the world
  • ICLEI: Local governments for sustainability
  • SUNSET: Exploiting social networks to manage urban mobility in a sustainable manner
  • WeKnowIt: Developing techniques for extracting and exploiting "Collective Intelligence"
  • Code for America: Helps governments work better for everyone with the people and the power of the web
  • Challenge.govPublic and government can solve problems together
  • Apps for GoodAward competition to create apps to change the world
  • London datastore: Freeing London’s data
  • who owns my neighbourhood: Take responsibility for land, buildings and activities in your neighbourhood
  • social innovation camp UK: Putting together software developers and social innovators to solve a set of social problems

Doing things together, mindfully of privacy and inclusion needs

  • Glancee: Discovers what friends or interests you have in common, combining fb and Wikipedia
  • DiasporaDistributed social network giving people ownership over their data

Providing key technology elements ensuring free access and connecting people

  • Open Garden: Protocol optimizing communications between wireless devices
  • Freedombox: Enabling private conversations online
  • FrontlineSMS: Enabling instantaneous two-way communication on a large scale
  • Arduino: Open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software

Studies, Conferences and Think-Tanks on ICT and sustainability


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