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20th Plenary Meeting of the European Regulators Group, Brussels, 15 February 2007 Read more
This Commission Decision introduces the numbering range beginning with '116' for services of social value Read more
ICT are increasingly being used to improve the quality, provision and access to care while also bringing new elements to the reflection on the financial sustainability of health systems. However, questions exist over the legal and regulatory implications for eHealth services, especially as these can cross institutional boundaries and national borders. One initiative, 'Legally eHealth', aims to help remove those doubts at the EU level. The study forms part of the 'Good eHealth' cluster of studies that support the European eHealth Action Plan. Read more
Launched on 11 February in Berlin, the EU's new MEDIA 2007 programme will provide a €755 million boost to Europe's film industry over the next seven years. Almost 65% of the total budget will help broader circulation of European works to other countries in Europe and worldwide. MEDIA 2007 provides easier access to finance – in particular for SMEs – and increases the use of digital technologies, making Europe's audiovisual sector more competitive. Read more
European film production is making its mark on the world stage. Amongst the 26 films competing for top prizes at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival, 8 have received funding from Europe's MEDIA programme. Overall, 17 MEDIA supported films will be shown during the festival. These numbers are a significant increase on last year. Read more
This videos portrays three outstanding European female researchers from three very different scientific areas - biotechnology, astro physics and robotics. Read more
A major new drive to fundamentally overhaul core EU consumer rules – including guarantees, refunds, cooling off periods - to adapt them to the challenges of a fast changing digital world has been launched on 8 February with the adoption of a European Commission Green Paper reviewing the existing rules. Consumer spending (households and non-profile institutions) accounts for a total of 58% of EU GDP. Consumer confidence is a key factor determining how and when consumers spend their money in different sectors of the economy. All the evidence is that consumers are not yet "comfortable" enough in the digital and online world to seize its full potential. Only tiny fraction - 6% of EU consumers - are currently shopping online cross border. With the help of the feedback from the Green Paper, the Commission aims to boost consumer confidence in the EU Single Market, with a single and simple set of rules which empower consumers to know their rights, make sound choices and ensure adequate protection when things go wrong. Clear legal rules will also incentivise operators, particularly SMEs to venture beyond borders un-tapping the potential for integration for the retail side of the market. The Green Paper invites comments and contains over 28 concrete suggestions (cutting across 8 Directives) for possible new action. Read more