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E.g., 03-12-2016
From 29/10/2007 to 30/10/2007
Kigali, Rwanda
This meeting, coorganised by International telecom union, World bank and Global Alliance for ICT and development, will merge together around 500 key stakeholders, including heads of african states, african ICT ministers, UN organisations , African union, ECA etc . eHealth will be part of the Implementation program and the related capacity building including active participation to the Research and development EU funded projects will be debated with a common view: plans for action. Read more
From 29/10/2007 to 29/10/2007
Brussels, Belgium
The European Commission is organising a one - day workshop on the main ethical issues in the field of e-Inclusion. Key issues such as informed consent, right to privacy and protection of personal data, respect for dignity and integrity of the person, non-invasion of the private sphere, equity, intrusiveness (of information technologies), risk and responsibilities for critical technologies will be discussed. The key question for the workshop: what will be the ethical issues in a five years perspective, for citizens, the industry, and society at large. Read more
This Commission Decision introduces additional reserved numbers beginning with '116' Read more
This white paper is intended for identifying future research challenges in Networked Media. Availability of information at all places is becoming crucial to the development of modern day society. In addition, information is already available in the form of various media such as audio, video and text. Furthermore, in the Networked Media of the future all the elements of the media value chain will have a network capacity attached to them. Not only does it mean that all devices and multimedia content will be network-enabled but it also means that users and providers will participate and collaborate actively in a community network. The paper focuses on three main axes of future progress – true broadband support, personalized media, and distributed control. Read more
From 25/10/2007 to 25/10/2007
Vienna, AT
The EuResist project aims to develop a European integrated system for clinical management of antiretroviral drug resistance. It will provide clinicians with a prediction of best treatment in HIV patients, based on a combined system of prediction engines. Read more
From 25/10/2007 to 25/10/2007
Vienna, Austria
Participate to one of the preconference meetings, organised by the European Commission on 25 October 13:00-17:00. Financing opportunities to boost investment in eHealth, concrete experiences, and innovative schemes will be presented by the European Commission and EU Member States' organisations, private and social banks, and industry initiatives. The role of Private Public Partnerships and procurement will be hightlighted. Read more
Social Networking is like a ‘digital cocktail party’: a powerful mixture of human social instincts and web 2.0 technology which is revolutionising the Internet. In this position paper, ENISA emphasises the many benefits of Social Networking but identifies 14 important threats. This leads to 17 recommendations on how Social Networking can be made safer. Read more
From 24/10/2007 to 26/10/2007
The Hague, The Netherlands
This is the seventeenth in a series of Annual Conferences supported by the European Commission, with delegates coming from commercial, government and research organisations around the world to share knowledge and experience, lessons learnt and good practice. This year's core thematic areas include ICT for Networked Enterprise, eGovernment and eDemocracy, Collaborative Working Environments, eHealth, Knowledge and Content Technologies, Security and Identity Management and Technology Enhanced Learning and ICT Skills. Read more
From 24/10/2007 to 24/10/2007
Vienna, Austria
The session will present the latest strategy and activities of the European Commission in eHealth. New initiatives in the areas of patient safety, personal health records and electronic health records will be announced. Planned research and support to deployment activities will be briefly presented. Special focus will be given to activities relating to patient safety. Read more