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E.g., 05-12-2016
E.g., 05-12-2016
A paper, based on LHDL activities, was presented at the last National Congress of SIAMOC - Cuneo, Italy, October 24th-27th. This work is based on the activities about the special gait analysis session, which were perfomed at the beginnig of the second year of life of the EU ICT for Health funded project (#026932) LHDL: Living Human Digital Library: Interactive digital library services to access collections of complex biomedical data on the musculo-skeletal apparatus which the paper authors'affiliations are consortium partners. Read more
The "Measuring progress of eAccessibility in Europe" (MeAC) study was launched as part of the follow-up to the European Commission’s Communication on eAccessibility of 2005. Overall, the results show that there is only limited progress towards eAccessibility detected in Europe, and further EU-level measures need to be considered to stimulate progress in eAccessibility. Read more
From 14/11/2007 to 15/11/2007
Cairo, Egypt
The ICT National Contact Point in Egypt, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, organises an International Networking event for RTD cooperation with Europe. The event's focus is on ICT Call 3, with a special emphasis on the Challenge 4: "Digital libraries and Content" which is included in that call. It will also promote Natural Language Processing (NLP) as a local priority in the Arab Mediterranean region and its relation with Challenge 4 of the ICT thematic priority. The event will bring together EU researchers in areas relevant to ICT call 3 with potential ICT research partners from Egypt and the EUROMED countries. The event will disseminate information about the call and promote networking and consortium creation, and it is the first of its kind to be held in Egypt. The event will be broadcasted on the internet. Read more
The Expert Group will assist the Commission in the development and monitoring progress towards an agreed strategy for the creation of a European e-Invoicing Framework. Read more
14/11/2007 is the one stop place for the exchange of advice, experience, events and stories on practices of eGovernment, eInclusion and eHealth, offering the most complete information and exchange opportunities for these specialities in Europe. Real life cases, insight and lessons learnt are shared among these communities' practitioners. There is a growing presence of eHealth practical cases in the portal, and our aim is to involve the eHealth community actively in the ePractice exchange. In order to foster this increasing area, has created a special information page for the eHealth community. In case you are an eHealth practitioner we strongly encourage you to sign up to and submit your experience. Read more
On 13 November the Commission adopted proposals for a reform of the EU telecoms rules. With the reform, the Commission wants to enable citizens, wherever they live and wherever they travel in the EU, to benefit from better and cheaper communication services, whether they use mobile phones, fast broadband internet connections or cable TV. To achieve this, the Commission proposes strengthening consumer rights; giving consumers more choice by reinforcing competition between telecoms operators; promoting investment into new communication infrastructures, in particular by freeing radio spectrum for wireless broadband services; and making communication networks more reliable and more secure, especially in case of viruses and other cyber-attacks. A new European Telecom Market Authority will support the Commission and national telecoms regulators in ensuring that market rules and consumer regulation are applied consistently, independently and without protectionism in all 27 EU Member States. To become law, the Commission proposals will now need to be approved by the European Parliament and the EU Council of Ministers. Read more
The use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has become an essential feature of both economic and social activity across Europe. In nearly all European countries and in all age groups, however, men are more regular users of both computers and the internet than women and many more men than women are employed in computing jobs throughout the EU. Read more
10 Background Factsheets for the Press Read more
As part of its package of telecom reform proposals presented on 13 November, the European Commission has adopted a new Recommendation on the markets where telecom-specific regulation should take place. The original 2003 version of this Recommendation listed 18 retail and wholesale markets where the Commission considers that specific ex ante regulation is required by national telecoms regulators to deal with competition problems. To reflect the progress made in the past years in most EU Member States in terms of competition and consumer choice, the Commission concluded that in principle there is no need for regulators to intervene in half of these markets. At the same time, this move will allow regulation to better focus on the main bottlenecks in the telecoms sector. Read more
From 12/11/2007 to 12/11/2007
Busan, Korea
This Workshop takes place as part of the 6th International Semantic Web Conference (11-15 November 2007, Busan, South Korea). Read more