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  • Conference "Content Online for Creativity"
    04/06/2008 to 06/06/2008
    Registration for the conference "Content Online for Creativity" which is co-organised by the Slovenian Presidency and the European Commission is now open. The Conference will take place in Brdo, Slovenia on 4-6 June 2008. The main purpose of the conference “Content Online for Creativity” is to explore added-value actions that could be taken at European level to improve the competitiveness of the European online content production and distribution industry while enhancing both cultural diversity and Europe's cultural industries.
  • Digital Libraries Initiative: Agreement between Cultural Institutions and Right Holders on Orphan Works
    News Article
    An agreement on copyright was signed today by libraries, archives and right holders, in the presence of Commissioner Viviane Reding. The Memorandum of Understanding on orphan works will help cultural institutions to digitise books, films and music whose authors are unknown, making them available to the public online.
  • TER@TEC 2008 symposium
    03/06/2008 to 04/06/2008
    This annual symposium is dedicated to promote High Performance Computing and simulation. This year's event will present the strategic vision of the USA, Europe and Japan in the field of High Performance Computing and will demonstrate applications in the field of space research, aeronautics, automotive and oil industry. Registration is free but compulsory.
  • EU puts European emergency number 112 on the map before the summer holidays
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    The European Commission today stepped up its efforts to promote the use of the charge-free European emergency number 112 in the EU. As of today, the new website will tell citizens how to use 112 and what to expect from it, particularly when they travel within the EU. It also shows how 112 functions in each Member State: how quickly calls are answered and in which languages.
  • HealthGrid conference '08
    02/06/2008 to 04/06/2008
    The HealthGrid conference is the premier conference on the transformation of biomedical research, education and medical care through the application of Grid technologies. HealthGrid is dedicated to: a. Enhancing biomedical research and healthcare delivery; b. Creating an open collaborative virtual community; c. Communicating the collective knowledge of the HealthGrid community HealthGrid is an interdisciplinary community of computer scientists, physicians, medical educators and students, epidemiologists, bioinformatics and medical informatics experts, military medicine specialists, security and policy makers, economists and futurists. The conference program will include a number of high-profile keynote presentations, complemented by a set of refereed papers, which will be selected through the present call for papers. Registration is now officially open. The early bird registration are available until 13th April 2008.
  • Socio-Anthropological Workshop on ICT and Ageing
    02/06/2008 to 03/06/2008
    The main objective of this workshop is to explore the socioanthropological themes related to ICT and ageing, and to address the social and cultural meanings of this trend.
  • Governing Boards approve financial rules of the ENIAC and ARTEMIS Joint Undertakings
    News Article
    This adoption is an essential step towards the autonomous operation of both organisations and it opens the way for financing the first research projects this autumn. ENIAC and ARTEMIS are public-private partnerships that operate R&D programmes in the areas of nanoelectronics and embedded computing systems respectively. Their partnerships include representatives from industry and academia, the European Commission and 20 European countries.
  • SemanticHealth - Monthly Focus
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    Imagine, for example, you suffer from a chronic disease where you have to take critical medications every day, but you misplaced your supply while in another EU country. Even if you have a detailed list of the drugs you must take, the local pharmacist or doctor may not be able to help you because she/he does not understand it. “Semantic interoperability” (SIOP) across Union healthcare systems is needed to enable health professionals to overcome this barrier.
  • Project factsheet : eID - easier access to public services across the EU
    Several barriers to free movement of workers still exist in the EU: for example, it is not easy to access public services while working or living in another country. The European Commission has launched a pilot project to remedy this situation with an EU-wide system for the recognition and authentication of electronic identity (eID via electronic cards or other means). It will enable businesses and citizens to securely use their national electronic identities and get help from public administrations in any Member State they live in or travel to.
  • Developing successful business cases for TeleHealth
    The Royal Society of Medicine is organising a workshop on developing successful business cases for telehealth. It targets eHealth experts from industry, healthcare providers, healthcare commissioners, health IT and healthcare professionals who are involved in developing telehealth and a business case for it. Its wider context is the Lead Market Initiative of the European Commission, to be highlighted at the workshop.