• World of Health IT 2010
    Events15 March 2010 to 18 March 2010

    The World of Health IT Conference & Exhibition (WoHIT) will for the first time be held in conjunction with the European Union’s annual High Level eHealth Conference. This will offer a large networking and discussion platform for all eHealth stakeholders. The exhibition has already 60 confirmed exhibitors and 3 country pavilions (see http://expocad.himss.org/expocadvr/shows/10wohit/start.html).

  • eHealth 2010 Barcelona
    Events15 March 2010 to 18 March 2010

    Co-organised by the forthcoming Spanish Presidency of the European Union and by the European Commission, with the cooperation of the Government of Catalonia and the Foundation TicSalut, the High Level eHealth Conference 2010, the 8th edition in the series of ministerial events representing an important annual milestone in the field of ICT for healthcare, aims to support dissemination of eHealth best practices.

  • eHealth week 2010 - Barcelona
    Events15 March 2010 to 18 March 2010

    For the first time, the Ministerial High Level Conference on eHealth and the World Health IT (WoHIT) Conference and Exhibition are being held in the same week in a joint initiative called "e-Health Week 2010". More than 2500 delegates are expected during this eHealth week, representing the majority of eHealth sector: ministers, members of the public administration, clinics, suppliers and managers of information and informatics systems. An interactive exhibition will gather more than 75 exhibitors and country pavilions. Check regularly the WoHIT website as updates are being made every week.

  • EC projects demonstrations at eHealth2010
    Events15 March 2010 to 17 March 2010

    Selected successfull EC funded ICT for Health projects will be on the EC stand (801) to show their research achievements as well as discuss them and the potential use of these results. Details on the projects and their presence on the EC stand are now available.

  • Business Models for eHealth - study report
    Reports and studies15 March 2010

    This report presents the analysis of a study funded by the ICT for Health Unit to explore business models for the implementation of value-creating and sustainable eHealth systems in Europe. It also introduces a set of policy recommendations for the European Commission and other stakeholders, with the ultimate objectives being a) the improvement of the overall quality and efficiency of provision of health services in general via eHealth services, taking into consideration the present and future socio-economic and financial challenges faced by national healthcare authorities in Europe; an b) the consolidation of eHealth services as a mature market where European industry can play a leading role via the provision of innovative technological and organisational solutions.

  • EU ministers outline 2020 vision for eHealth
    News Article15 March 2010

    At the eighth Ministerial eHealth Conference in Barcelona today, EU ministers have outlined a joint vision and policy priorities on how to make eHealth more accessible, interactive and customised to patients. The Declaration outlines a vision and identifies key objectives to be achieved in the next ten years.

  • epSOS enables continuity of care across national borders
    News Article15 March 2010

    Vice-President N. Kroes, in her speech on the occasion of the Official Opening of the eHealth Conference in Barcelona highlighted that "now, we are seeing that large scale projects, like epSOS, enable continuity of care across national borders. We are ready to work with and support all Member States in epSOS or similar large scale actions". The epSOS project representatives are available in the exhibition area to present and discuss the activities of the project during the EU eHealth Conference Barcelona.

  • 20 Years of European Commission support to the development of eHealth
    Brochure15 March 2010

    The European Commission has been supporting eHealth research and development through Framework Programmes for over 20 years now and contributed to the emergence of new generations of technologies in several fields of healthcare. With the support of the Member States, industries and users it has elaborated a strategy of deployment of these technologies to ensure ever improving and sustainable health services.

  • A new era in eHealth
    Speech15 March 2010

    eHealth Conference 2010 Barcelona, 15th March 2010

  • Future Internet PPP - Open constituency building event
    Events12 March 2010

    The European Commission underlined the importance of building a Future Internet Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) and committed to kick-start this initiative already in 2010 by allocating a total of 300 million euros under FP7 ICT Theme until 2013. This open event will raise awareness among all interested stakeholders, about the concepts, focus, structure and implementation plans of the Public-Private-Partnership.