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E.g., 09-12-2016
E.g., 09-12-2016
From 23/11/2015 to 07/12/2015
This publication is made pursuant to Article 124.1 (b) of the Rules of Application of the Financial Regulation that provides for an ex-ante publication on the Institutions' websites of contracts with a value up to 60.000 EUR. Read more
The ISA programme of the European Commission has just published the 2015 version of the eGovernment factsheet of the EU. This factsheet of some 60 pages aims at providing a comprehensive overview of the e-Government activities in the EU. Read more

Key cross-border digital public services that correspond to well defined needs – enabling entrepreneurs to set up and run a business anywhere in Europe independently of their original location, and allowing citizens to study, work, reside and retire anywhere in the European Union – are essential components in building a truly connected European Union and to achieve a Digital Single Market. However, cross-border public services are few in number. As mobility around the EU increases, and the EU continues to enlarge, there is a growing need to provide public services that transcend national borders.

Deloitte has carried out a study to investigate how solutions enabling cross-border digital public services which have been developed by the so-called Large Scale Pilots (LSPs) can be made sustainable. This study was carried out with input from and in close collaboration with the European Commission and all other relevant stakeholders, including the Member States, industry representatives and standardisation bodies, as well as the LSP consortia. Read more
From 20/03/2013 to 20/03/2013
Barcelona, Spain
The objectives of this 1st European Conference on e-Public Procurement and 1st Exhibition of European e-Platforms are: Discussing the implications of the single digital market on public procurement; Presenting the new advances of e-procurement available through Software as a Service (SaaS); Discussing the role of e-procurement to improve the management of each organization; Identifying major macro-economic benefits due to the dissemination of e-public procurement; Discussing alternative strategies to simplify and to overcome e-procurement obstacles; Analyzing the new European Directives for e-public procurement; Presenting e-procurement impacts on innovation and on SMEs access to public markets; Proposing new initiatives to increase cross-border public procurement. An exhibition of “best-of-breed” services of e-platforms is open during the whole day. Read more
From 03/12/2012 to 04/12/2012
Nicosia, Cyprus
The Europeone e-Government Conference will bring together experts from the Commission, the Member States, the Candidate Countries and the Private Sector. The conference will focus on issues related to interoperability, key enablers, cross border services, trust and privacy, new technologies tendencies, and e-procurement. Experts will discuss and exchange ideas/experiences on how to empower European citizens and businesses in order to improve their mobility across Europe. Discussions will also focus on how Governments are transforming in order to be more efficient, productive and push economic growth in these difficult global times. The event is organized within the context of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of EU. Read more
From 06/11/2012 to 06/11/2012
Brussels, Belgium
This is an open event intended for Member States, policy-makers and practitioners interested in improveming the transparency of government decision making at European, national and local level and anyone interested in the area of public administrations as well as businesses and/or citizens who interact with them: eGovernment project implementers, stakeholders in FP6 and FP7 research projects, researchers, businesses, ePractice members etc. This event is all about networking. A few selected speakers will set the scene with a 15 minute presentation and the rest of the programme will be dedicated to roundtable discussions and networking purposes. Read more
From 18/06/2012 to 18/06/2012
Brussels, Belgium
This event will offer an opportunity to explore and discuss how semantic interoperability solutions are being embraced by eGovernment initiatives. The conference combines plenary sessions and interactive panels. eGovernment and semantics experts will present their case studies and real-life examples and experiences with semantic technologies. Semantic Interoperability is a major step for achieving the provision of cross-border digital public services. Read more
The "Internet of Things" (IoT) is a future in which everyday objects such as phones, cars, household appliances, clothes and even food are wirelessly connected to the Internet through smart chips, and can collect and share data. The European Commission wants to know what framework is needed to unleash the potential economic and societal benefits of the IoT, whilst ensuring an adequate level of control of the devices gathering, processing and storing information. The information concerned includes users' behavioural patterns, location and preferences. The Commission wants to ensure that the rights of individuals are respected and is launching a public consultation inviting comments by 12th July 2012. Read more
The European Commission has reached an agreement with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) on the sustainability of key specifications to facilitate interoperability, across borders and sectors, between public administrations in Europe and beyond. Read more
Build - Connect - Grow: these are the three essential components for building a truly connected EU:, a single European digital space. A new WebZine on cross-border services is now available. Have a look inside and get to know our Large-Scale Pilot Projects. These can help digitalize the European economy, citizens and businesses. Europe’s digital expansion is set to rise: join us on this exciting journey! Read more