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E.g., 27-02-2017
E.g., 27-02-2017
From 15/05/2017 to 19/05/2017
Barcelona, Spain
This event will gather all High Performance Computing (HPC) related European initiatives and actors in a single week. Read more
human brain enclosed by rays
measuring consciousness
From 01/12/2016 to 01/12/2016
What is consciousness? Can it be measured? FET-Open project LUMINOUS tries to find answers to fundamental human questions. Read more
From 10/11/2016 to 10/11/2016
FET Open project LIAR stands for Living Architecture. It wants to develop a programmable bioreactor which will turn our habitats into sustainable 'living' buildings. Read more
From 03/10/2016 to 03/10/2016
These factsheets give the most recent analysis and data on eGovernment by country Read more
From 30/09/2016 to 30/09/2016
A new EU study looks at the remuneration paid to authors in the print sector in ten EU countries (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Hungary and Denmark). The study was conducted to support policy-making in the area of copyright. The Commission is looking for evidence on whether, and to what extent, the differences that exist amongst the Member States' legislative frameworks affect levels of remuneration and the functioning of the internal market. Read more
From 05/09/2016 to 16/09/2016
Barcelona, Spain
The Barcelona Cognition, Brain and Technology summer school addresses students and researchers involved in research at the interface between brains and technology. The 2016 edition is supported by the FET Proactive project socSMCs (Socializing Sensorimotor Contingencies). Read more
From 21/06/2016 to 24/06/2016
San Sebastian (Spain)
The objective of this conference is to increase the visibility of emerging and technologically-relevant macromolecular materials. It will be focused on novel approaches to 2D and porous polymers, including synthesis, properties and applications. The conference is organised by the Institute for Polymer Materials (POLYMAT) of the University of the Basque Country, in the framework of the FET project 2D-INK. Read more
From 02/06/2016 to 03/06/2016
Barcelona (Spain)
The event, hosted by Mont-Blanc project, will bring together experts from all areas of computing to examine how to best take advantage of the changing landscape of computer hardware and overcome research barriers for fields such as computational fluid dynamics, computational mechanics, life sciences, energy efficiency and financial modelling. Read more
From 26/05/2016 to 27/05/2016
Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales de Madrid, Calle de José Gutiérrez Abascal 2 28006, Madrid, España
RoboCity2030 is organising a conference on robotics in Madrid with competitions, workshops, entrepreneurship, robotics and arts and in society. There will also be an exhibition and it's free of charge. Read more
From 23/05/2016 to 23/05/2016
The European Commission has published the results of a study on electronic communications. The findings of the study show that Europeans are increasingly using internet-based communication. The study found mobile internet access increased significantly with 69% of households now having at least one member with a mobile internet access, a +21 points increase over 2014. Read more