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E.g., 26-04-2017
E.g., 26-04-2017
From 03/10/2016 to 03/10/2016
These factsheets give the most recent analysis and data on eGovernment by country Read more
From 23/05/2016 to 23/05/2016
The European Commission has published the results of a study on electronic communications. The findings of the study show that Europeans are increasingly using internet-based communication. The study found mobile internet access increased significantly with 69% of households now having at least one member with a mobile internet access, a +21 points increase over 2014. Read more
From 28/10/2015 to 28/10/2015
The attached document contains the working translation established by Commission services of the 2015 amendments to Latvian legislation transposing Directive 2013/37/EU, amending Directive 2003/98/EC (the PSI Directive). Read more
From 28/10/2015 to 28/10/2015
The attached document contains the original language version of amendments to Latvian legislation transposing Directive 2013/37/EU amending Directive 2003/98/EC (the PSI Directive). Read more
From 28/07/2015 to 28/07/2015
This factsheet shows the progress in the online delivery of public services, across the various dimensions of user-centricity, transparency, cross-border mobility and key enablers in Latvia. Read more
From 20/11/2014 to 20/11/2014
To facilitate experience sharing, a collection of innovation procurement initiatives are listed here. We would be grateful to receive further information about experiences in your country. Read more
Digital Champions and Neelie Kroes
From 08/07/2013 to 08/07/2013

The Digital Champions held their fourth meeting in the margins of the Digital Agenda Assembly 2013, which took place in Dublin between 18-20 June 2013. The discussion was focused on 4 topics: youth and education, jobs and skills, access/Wifi and better e-services.

Read more
From 22/02/2013 to 22/02/2013
The Digital Champions met on the 17-18 December for the third time in 2012. The objective of this meeting was to assess progress of Digital Champions in 2012 and discuss plans for 2013. To date, there are 21 Digital Champions appointed. There have been four recent appointments: Cyprus, Belgium, Ireland and Croatia. The Maltese Champion mandate has now expired and has been replaced by a new one. The Commission hopes that Champions from Austria, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Greece, and Spain will be appointed in 2013. Read more
Sunset reflection on a lake in Latvia
From 26/09/2012 to 26/09/2012
Latvia is a land of extremes, not least its economy. Over the last decade alone, this Baltic state of 2.2 million people has experienced Europe's highest economic growth rates and its sharpest recession, alongside the continent's highest inflation and greatest deflation. After this severe economic crisis in 2008-2009, Latvia is today once again one of the European Union's fastest growing economies, helped by domestic demand and exports to other expanding northern and eastern European economies. Much pioneering innovation in the country is led by the University of Latvia, which is currently coordinating or participating in a wide range of EU-funded projects. Read more
This study (published 2011) monitors eHealth strategies in the EU. It assesses the progress made on implementing the national eHealth programmes and plans to review fulfilment of the objectives proposed in the national roadmaps and reinforce commitments towards eHealth development and deployment. Read more