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  • Workshop invitation: 'Public Services for Businesses: recipes for supporting growth' on 6th February 2014 in Brussels

    How can governments better support the enterprises? Is the reduction of administrative burden enough or we can do more?

    In the current times of economic crisis businesses not only struggle to grow but even to survive. They need an environment that favours their development.

    Which actions and policies can the public sector set up to provide such an environment? Creating service infrastructure? Providing consultancy service to expand and internationalize their business? Developing One Stop Shop services?

  • 1st European Conference on e-Public Procurement (ECPP) and 1st Exhibition of European e-Platforms
    The objectives of this 1st European Conference on e-Public Procurement and 1st Exhibition of European e-Platforms are: Discussing the implications of the single digital market on public procurement; Presenting the new advances of e-procurement available through Software as a Service (SaaS); Discussing the role of e-procurement to improve the management of each organization; Identifying major macro-economic benefits due to the dissemination of e-public procurement; Discussing alternative strategies to simplify and to overcome e-procurement obstacles; Analyzing the new European Directives for e-public procurement; Presenting e-procurement impacts on innovation and on SMEs access to public markets; Proposing new initiatives to increase cross-border public procurement. An exhibition of “best-of-breed” services of e-platforms is open during the whole day.
  • ‘Build, Connect, Grow: Make Business in the Digital Single Market’
    Business and usage opportunities that are created by the Large Scale Pilot (LSP) projects for digital public services will be discussed. The event will give an insight on how to be active participants in the coming developments of new Pan-European cross border public services. Some of the topics that are going to be addressed are: What business opportunities exist for ICT industries under the new European Commission’s initiatives? What can we learn from LSPs past experience/results, especially concerning the promotion of the Digital Single Market? How can the ICT industry, through the facilitation of LSPs, contribute to economic growth within the EU?
  • Europeone - eGovernment Conference
    03/12/2012 to 04/12/2012
    The Europeone e-Government Conference will bring together experts from the Commission, the Member States, the Candidate Countries and the Private Sector. The conference will focus on issues related to interoperability, key enablers, cross border services, trust and privacy, new technologies tendencies, and e-procurement. Experts will discuss and exchange ideas/experiences on how to empower European citizens and businesses in order to improve their mobility across Europe. Discussions will also focus on how Governments are transforming in order to be more efficient, productive and push economic growth in these difficult global times. The event is organized within the context of the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of EU.
  • Workshop: Improving Transparency in Government Decision Making
    This is an open event intended for Member States, policy-makers and practitioners interested in improveming the transparency of government decision making at European, national and local level and anyone interested in the area of public administrations as well as businesses and/or citizens who interact with them: eGovernment project implementers, stakeholders in FP6 and FP7 research projects, researchers, businesses, ePractice members etc. This event is all about networking. A few selected speakers will set the scene with a 15 minute presentation and the rest of the programme will be dedicated to roundtable discussions and networking purposes.
  • e-Inclusion & digital public services
    The conference will present the Digital Agenda for local and regional governments and demonstrate the use of digital platforms to empower employment policies and social inclusion. Good practice and new business models in e-Government will also be discussed. This will also be the final conference of the DIEGO-project, which will be presented as an effective method to promote inclusion through the use of new technologies in public administrations
  • Making Business Easier: Consultation Meeting on SPOCS Final Reports
    In the context of "final reports", SPOCS is planning to consult Member States that are not participating in the SPOCS project, as well as industry stakeholders and standardization bodies, on the results of the project; in particular, to get views on whether others can see a use for them in future. Participants will be able to: - Get a preview of the final reports. - Discuss what the SPOCS solutions could deliver for them. - Collect ideas regarding sustainability and standardization. - Build strong relationships with those Member States/partners that will be part of the new pilot A project (as called for in the CIP ICT PSP WP 2012).
  • Digital by Default - A revolution in public service delivery
    Technology has a central role to play in the reform of the public sector, offering more innovative and individualised services. This event aims to provide essential information on how public sector organisations can deliver efficient, cost-effective public services that are responsive to the needs of citizens and businesses.
  • 6th Ministerial Conference "Borderless eGovernment Services for Europeans"
    17/11/2011 to 18/11/2011
    The Polish Presidency of the European Union and the European Commission are organising the sixth Ministerial eGovernment Conference, entitled "Borderless eGovernment Services for Europeans". The conference will attract approximately 900 top-level stakeholders from around the world: government leaders and officials from national, regional and local levels, industry representatives, civil society and experts. In addition to the conference, an exhibition will be organised which will showcase the most recent European developments in the field of eGovernment – both at national and European level. Each Member State will demonstrate up to three cases according to its own priorities and approaches to eGovernment. The exhibition stand of the European Commission will host the successful Large Scale Pilot Projects which play a very important role in the implementation of cross border services in Europe. They have already demonstrated concrete benefits for citizens, businesses and governments in Europe in areas such as eProcurement, eIdentification, eJustice, mobility of citizens and businesses, etc. Attendance is by invitation only and the number of participants is limited.
  • Pre-conference to the 6th European Ministerial eGovernment Conference "Innovation for eParticipation"
    Organised one day before the 6th European Ministerial eGovernment Conference and Exhibition "Borderless eGovernment Services for Europeans", the Pre-Conference is intended to show the results of important European eGovernment research in generating and implementing e-visions and e-solutions, as well as the possibilities to build new strategies upon current results. The focus will be on the three following themes: Innovations for Government e-participation; Innovations for Business e-participation; Innovative e-services. This 3rd Pre-Conference is jointly organized by two governmental agencies involved in innovation: VINNOVA from Sweden and Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) from Poland. It is hosted by the Poznan University of Economics. The pre-conference will be followed by a dinner and is free of charge. Participants have to pre-register on the website of the pre-conference.