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E.g., 30-04-2017
E.g., 30-04-2017
SEMIC 2017 logo
SEMIC 2017 - Semantic Interoperability Conference
From 14/06/2017 to 14/06/2017
Valletta, Il-Belt Valletta, Malta
This semantic interoperability conference will feature inspirational talks and presentations on forward-looking data and information management initiatives from European public administrations, EU institutions and agencies and the private sector. The event will bring together policy makers, IT practitioners, and researchers interested in topics related to semantic interoperability for public administration. Read more
From 26/04/2017 to 26/04/2017
A wearable technology project is offering up to €2.4 million in funding for teams of creatives and technologists to develop the next generation of sustainable wearables or e-textile ideas. Read more
From 24/04/2017 to 24/04/2017
24 April 2017, Brussels Read more
From 19/04/2017 to 19/04/2017
The eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020 was published a year ago, on 19/04/2016, as part of a package of initiatives related to the realisation of the Digital Single Market (DSM). While the Commission is reviewing the progress made towards completing the Digital Single Market and will publish the DSM Midterm Review in May, we are now taking stock of the efforts made in accelerating the digital transformation of government. What have we achieved together in eGovernment, since the Action Plan was published? Read more
From 03/04/2017 to 04/04/2017
Autoworld, Brussels
Highly connected automated driving will connect your car to the transport infrastructure and make it process data in a way which will help smooth traffic, avoid congestion and reduce emissions. It will also increase road safety: vehicles that are connected and communicate with each other and with the transport infrastructure will anticipate and avoid dangerous situations and can react quickly in case of danger. This event is organised by the European Commission, with the support of the EC-funded projects CARTRE and SCOUT. Read more
From 30/03/2017 to 30/03/2017
RegioStars Awards identify good practices in regional development and highlight original and innovative projects that are attractive and inspiring to other regions. Do you think your project deserves to be known and rewarded? Then submit it! After being selected by an independent jury, representatives from the finalist projects will be invited to attend the Award Ceremony. You might be one of the winners. Read more
picture to illustrate the concept of artificial intelligence
From 29/03/2017 to 29/03/2017
Two Horizon 2020 projects, SecTrap and ProBOS, demonstrate how artificial intelligence can teach computers to spot malicious tinkering with their own code. Read more
From 28/03/2017 to 28/03/2017
During the workshop learning technologies experts were reflecting on possible future Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) priorities for the next programming period and beyond. The workshop was organised around a participatory method that allowed all participants to prepare in advance individual contributions to be presented and discussed together in the meeting. The final outcomes of the workshop discussions are presented in this report. Read more
picture of Roberto Viola, Director General DG CONNECT, European Commission
picture of Roberto Viola, Director General DG CONNECT, European Commission
From 24/03/2017 to 24/03/2017
Tomorrow we are going to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, a milestone in the history of European integration. It strengthened Europe's foundations on which more than six decades of peace and prosperity were built. Read more
Open Government concept image: 3 circles with Open Data, Open Process and Open Services. In the middle at the intersection is Open Government.
Open Government concept image
From 24/03/2017 to 24/03/2017
Germany is going strong on integrating Digital Technology in businesses. Could open government efforts improve the development of more and better online public services? Read more