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E.g., 24-04-2017
E.g., 24-04-2017
From 01/03/2001 to 01/03/2001
The European Commission today warmly welcomed the European Parliament's completion of its first reading of three important Directives dealing with the proposed new regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services.. Read more
From 01/02/2001 to 01/02/2001
From Business to e-Business Conference, Copenhagen
PDF file Read more
From 22/01/2001 to 22/01/2001
Stockholm, Sweden
Slideshow on mobile commerce Read more
From 14/11/2000 to 14/11/2000
Slideshow in view of the communication of the Commission on the progress of the eEurope initiative Read more
From 10/10/2000 to 10/10/2000
Deuxième rencontre parlementaire sur la société de l'information - Internet pour tous Read more
This paper analyses the convergence phenomenon – its technological underpinnings, current developments, and their possible impact on the telecommunications, media and information technology sectors. Read more