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E.g., 10-12-2016
From 13/06/2008 to 13/06/2008
Today, the eCall Memorandum of Understanding (eCall Mou) got the backing of Slovakia. Ľubomír Vážny, Minister of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications, signed the eCall MoU in the presence of Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for the Information Society and Media. Slovakia is the 14th EU Member State to sign the MoU, and thereby to commit itself to the timely implementation of this pan-European in-vehicle emergency call system. Read more
From 12/06/2008 to 13/06/2008
León, Spain

The aim of the conference is to exchange information regarding new training experiences and advances on the concept of Design for All.

Specific sessions on users' experiences, good practices, programmes and polices related with training developed in Europe have been included in the conference programme. Speakers are professionals working in the industry, universities, gubernmental and European institutions - European Commission and the Council of Europe - (see attached programme).

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From 12/06/2008 to 13/06/2008
Brussels, Belgium
This international workshop aims at gathering a group of experts on the two main issues the PARADISO project is addressing: societal models and ICT. A draft version of the PARADISO reference document, featuring topic such as "Exploring the possible paradigm shift on global societal developments" and "Identifying ICT needs and research areas" will be discussed. Read more
Statement by Viviane Reding after the meeting of Council of EU Telecoms Ministers, Luxembourg, 12 June 2008 Read more
From 11/06/2008 to 13/06/2008
Newport, Wales, UK
The eris@ Annual Conference will debate issues of vital concern for Europe and its regions - offering a range of perspectives from regional, national European and global levels. The conference will address a number of key themes including: How Digital Ecosystems could offer small businesses and regional development agencies a new model for competitiveness and economic growth; Some critical success factors for regions to take account of in seeking to create more favourable environments for creativity and innovation through broadband; The ways in which regions and enterprises can use ICT in more beneficial ways; The risk and threats of e-Crime to the economy - tackling e-Crime from a Welsh, UK and European experience; The threats and challenges associated with growing use of ICT and the policies and practices needed to counter them; e-Inclusion from a Welsh, UK and European perspective. The conference will include an exhibition of local, regional and European organisations and projects, promoting innovative ICT solutions. It will also offer a broad range of exciting sponsorship and partner opportunities at both the eris@ conference and e-Crime Summit. Read more
From 11/06/2008 to 11/06/2008
The European Commission has published contributions to a public consultation on the future framework which will apply to State funding of public service broadcasting, and their summary. This consultation, which ran from 10 January to 10 March gave Member States and stakeholders the opportunity to submit their views on the possible revision of the Broadcasting Communication – first adopted in 2001. Having reviewed the comments, the Commission may come forward later this year with a proposal for a revised Broadcasting Communication, with a view to its adoption in the first half of 2009. Read more
From 11/06/2008 to 11/06/2008
The European Journal of ePractice invites contributions in the area of High Impact Services for eGovernment, eHealth and eInclusion. W are looking for articles and case studies that provide critical insight into the development, implementation, evaluation and success factors of services or projects in areas such as pan-European job searching, company registration and VAT rebates or electronic identification and interoperability. The deadline for article submissions is 25 July, 2008. For more information please contact or visit the website. Read more
EU Telecoms Ministers will meet on 12 June in Luxembourg. The Commission will be represented by Viviane Reding, EU Telecoms Commissioner. The Ministers will discuss several significant Telecoms dossiers, including the EU Telecoms Reform and the mid-term review of the i2010 strategy. The Council is also expected to agree on a general approach for the extension of the mandate of the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA). Read more
From 10/06/2008 to 25/07/2008
The study aims at collecting the necessary information to support an impact assessment study on the eCall introduction. The study is expected to support political decision making, relevant European policies in the area of transport and in particular the use of ICT to improve road safety by providing independent assessment of direct and indirect impact, costs and benefits of the introduction of the pan-European in-vehicle emergency call (eCall) service in all new type-approved vehicle in Europe, as well as a first overview regarding the liability/legal issues related to its introduction. Read more
At the occasion of AUTOMATICA 2008, one of the leading international trade fairs in robotics and automation held this year in Munich/Germany, the European Commission has announced a policy to boost European robotics. The European Union will double its investments between 2007 and 2010 with almost € 400 million to support European robotics research. This ambitious programme aims to forge stronger links between academia and industry, and plans to fund a widespread experimentation by academic researchers and industry. The European Commission also calls on the industry to intensify its efforts in producing critical components in Europe, such as gears, in order to face competition from Asia and avoid strategic dependencies on other regions of the world. Read more