• 2nd Call for new VPH Exemplar Projects - Submission deadline: May 15, 2010
    News Article6 May 2010

    This is the second call for proposals for Exemplar Projects (EPs), activities that are intended to reinforce VPH ToolKit development (see the Exemplar Project Strategy Document, EPSD1). The principal challenge we recognize in development of the VPH is the establishment of connections between domains of investigation with a view towards biomedical applications in a sustainable, long-term environment, targeting re-use and interoperability.

  • Radio spectrum: harmonised EU rules to foster high-speed wireless internet services and avoid harmful interference
    Press releases6 May 2010

    The European Commission has adopted a Decision establishing harmonised technical rules for Member States on the allocation of radio frequencies in the 800 MHz band that contribute to the deployment of high-speed wireless internet services by avoiding harmful interference. In several Member States the 800 MHz frequencies are being freed up as part of the so-called "digital dividend" resulting from the switchover from analogue to digital television broadcasting. If Member States decide to change the existing frequency allocation (for broadcasting) they must immediately apply the harmonised technical rules laid down by the Decision to make these frequencies available to wireless broadband applications. Today's decision does not itself require Member States to make available the 790-862 MHz band for electronic communication services. However, the Commission is considering such a proposal in the forthcoming Radio Spectrum Policy Programme, which will take account of a recent consultation on the subject and the 22-23 March Spectrum Summit organised by the Commission and the European Parliament.

  • ICT research: ENIAC nanoelectronics Joint Technology Initiative enhanced
    Press releases6 May 2010

    The European Commission has granted autonomy to the ENIAC Joint Undertaking, a body created by the EU's Council of Ministers to bring together European research in nanoelectronics. This is a major step forward because it marks the real beginning of a balanced and innovative public-private partnership in which industry, Member States and the Commission aim for industrial excellence and a significant impact on the economy. The European Nanoelectronics Initiative Advisory Council (ENIAC) will implement a budget for research of up to €3 billion over ten years, giving it critical mass on a global scale. ENIAC will foster research and development collaboration between stakeholders such as industry, public authorities, academia and research centres inter alia by effective coordination of resources and funding from EU, industry, national and intergovernmental R&D programmes. Nanoelectronic parts are very widely used, often almost unnoticed, to improve the performance, energy efficiency and functionalities of many kinds of machines ranging from cars, planes and phones, to factories, washing machines and televisions.

  • Photonics technologies and markets for a low-carbon economy (OJ 2010/S 87-129569)
    Call for tenders
    5 May 2010 to 18 June 2010

    The study's principal goal is to analyse Europe's market status in photonics areas particularly relevant for building a future low carbon economy such as energy-efficient lighting, photovoltaics or all-optical communications, and its potential for further development.

  • Coping with an ageing population – Learning from good eHealth and telecare practices (SMART 2010/0023)
    Call for tenders
    5 May 2010 to 4 June 2010

    The overall objective of the study is to give an overview of how different national models of long-term care have reacted to the challenge of an ageing population and promoted the deployment of home care services through the use of ICT for older people with chronic diseases. The study shall also demonstrate the actual and potential social and economic gains that are associated to these services. The geographical scope of the study is the EU27, Norway, Iceland and Croatia.

  • VPHOP Satellite Symposium at IOF WCO-ECCEO10 Congress
    5 May 2010 to 8 May 2010

    The symposium 'Assessing fracture risk: the future for designing new therapies' program, aims to present the clinical experts the state of the art in technologies to assess the risk of fracture in patients affected by osteoporosis. VPHOP or Osteoporotic Virtual Physiological Human is a European osteoporosis research project within the framework of the Virtual Physiological Human initiative. Until August 2012, VPHOP will develop, validate and deploy the next generation of technology to predict the absolute risk of fracture in patients with low bone mass, thereby enabling clinicians to provide better prognoses and implement more effective treatment strategies (both pharmacological and interventional). To attend the satellite symposium you have to be registered to the IOF WCO-ECCEO10 conference. However, the invited participants to the VPHOP Satellite Symposium are entitled to a special fee.

  • EDem 10 - 4th International eDemocracy Conference
    5 May 2010 to 6 May 2010

    The primary aim of this event is to bring together researchers and practitioners in the field of eDemocracy. Participants are expected to come from academic, applied and practitioner backgrounds as well as public administration offices, public bodies, NGO/NPOs, education institutions and independent organisations.

  • Research results on Nanosafety published by JRC-IHCP
    News Article5 May 2010

    Programme with links to presentations held at the "Joint CASG Nano and ENPRA Workshop on Early Harvest Results on Nanosafety" (14-15 April 2010, JRC -Ispra, Italy). The aim of the CASG Nano Workshop was to facilitate discussion between regulators and researchers on the early harvest results relevant to the REACH Implementation Projects on Nanomaterials (RIPoNs) on Information Requirements and Chemical Safety Assessment. The workshop was organised by the IHCP (Institute for Health and Consumer Protection) of the Joint Research Center of the European Community in Ispra together with DG Enterprise and Industry and the ENPRA project on Risk Assessment of Engineered Nanoparticles of the 7th Framework Programme of R & D. A summary report will be available soon on the IHCP website.

  • VPHOP Symposium "Fracture risk modeling: the future for designing new therapies"
    Events5 May 2010

    The VPHOP project is organising this event in connection with the IOF World Congress on Osteoporosis and the 10th European Congress on Clinical and Economic Aspects of Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis.

  • Europeana: European Commission welcomes European Parliament support
    Press releases5 May 2010

    Strong support from the European Parliament for the further development of Europeana, Europe's digital library, archive and museum, has been welcomed by European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes. The European Parliament's Resolution adopted today has joined the European Commission in asking EU Member States to step up their efforts to make their cultural heritage available through the site that already gives direct access to 7 million digitised books, maps, photographs, film clips, paintings and musical extracts.