• The Sixth International Nanotechnology Conference on Communications and Cooperation
    17 May 2010 to 20 May 2010

    Senior researchers, industry leaders and policy makers gather at this annual International Nanotechnology Conference (INC) on Communication and Cooperation for in-depth discussions and technical sessions on a variety of issues related to the future of international collaboration on nanotechnologies. In order to further strengthen the continuous dialogue between Europe, Japan and the United States, INC provides broad regional overviews combined with detailed presentations from each of the regions.

  • Towards the EU-LAC Knowledge Area
    Reports and studies17 May 2010

    This report has been prepared in view of the EU-LAC Summit that was held in Madrid on 18 May 2010. It compiles projects representing Scientific and Technological Cooperation between Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union for Sustainable Development and Social Inclusion.

  • Workshop: Multimodal Location Based Techniques for Extreme Navigation
    Events17 May 2010

    Location-based data and services for geographical and navigational information (such as electronic maps and gps directions), are usually presented using visual displays. With the increasing complexity of information, and the variety of contexts of use, it becomes important to consider how other non-visual sensory channels, such as audition and touch, can be used to communicate necessary and timely information to users. This workshop will provide a forum for sharing research ideas and findings in this field.

  • Digital Agenda: investment in digital economy holds key to Europe's future prosperity, says Commission report
    Press releases17 May 2010

    Europe's digital economy is growing in strength, spreading throughout all sectors of the economy and reaching into all areas of our lives, according to the European Commission's Digital Competitiveness report published today.

  • RENEWING HEALTH - Regions of Europe working together for Health
    News Article16 May 2010

    RENEWING HEALTH aims at implementing large-scale real-life test beds for the validation and subsequent evaluation of innovative telemedicine services using a patient-centred approach and a common rigorous assessment methodology. In 9 of the most advanced regions in the implementation of health-related ICT services, belonging to 9 different Member States or Associated Countries, service solutions are already operational at local level for the telemonitoring and the treatment of chronic patients suffering from diabetes, COPD or CVD diseases.

  • Expo 2010 Shanghai, China
    14 May 2010 to 17 May 2010

    Neelie Kroes to visit Expo 2010 Shanghai China.

  • ICTs: Building the green city of the future
    Events14 May 2010

    The theme of the Shanghai World Expo 2010 is: "Better City, Better Life", referring to the common wish for better living standards in future urban environments. Through different sub-themes, Expo 2010 will create blueprints for future cities and harmonious urban life styles. Smart buildings, smart grids that will create greater energy efficiency, intelligent transport systems that can get our cities moving again, multimedia conferencing systems and teleworking technologies that will reduce travel : ICTs have an important role in urban sustainability. ITU is working on many fronts to foster the use of green ICTs to reduce green house gases. This ITU workshop particularly aims at capturing student visions of the role for ICTs in providing for urban sustainability. The workshop is calling for original academic presentations offering innovative approaches addressing this challenge (submission deadline : 15 March) and a prize fund totaling $10,000 will be awarded to the three best presentations.

  • Speech recognition supporting learning: The future
    Events13 May 2010

    Net4voice is a European project, funded under the Lifelong Learning Programme, that has been investigating how speech recognition can support learning in Schools, Universities and Further Education in the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. The project has developed a methodology for using Speech Recognition technologies for learning and has evaluated its impact, including for learners with special needs. The aim of the conference is to share and discuss Net4voice findings and to help identify the future developments in speech recognition. Participation is free but prior registration is required.

  • Ethos International Conference /Sustainable Technologies Exhibition
    12 May 2010 to 14 May 2010

    The Sustainable Technologies Exhibition has the objective of gathering and providing information and knowledge on the available sustainable technologies, in order to encourage their development, production and use by individuals as well as public and private organizations. “Sustainable technologies” include economically feasible methodologies, techniques, systems, equipment or processes that can be produced and applied to minimize negative and promote positive impacts on the environment, on people’s quality of life and on a socio-environmentally sustainable development. Sustainable technologies with a high replication potential are brought together at the Sustainable Technologies Exhibition – an event organized by the Ethos Institute, Brazil, in parallel with the International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility. Categories for submission are: Inclusive Technologies, Responsible Technologies and Green Technologies Submissions close on February 12th.

  • Digital Agenda: Information and Communication Technologies top total corporate R&D investment in Europe
    Press releases12 May 2010

    Europe's Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector, accounting for just 4.8% of GDP, leads the way in private research and development (R&D) in the EU, with 25% of total investment and 32% of researchers working in the private sector in 2007, according to a European Commission report released today. However, even with these numbers the EU is still lagging behind global competitors in terms of both public and private ICT R&D investment. This investment gap is identified as one problem to tackle by the forthcoming European Digital Agenda, one of seven flagship initiatives of the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.