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E.g., 22-02-2017
E.g., 22-02-2017
From 03/06/2016 to 03/06/2016
City government Amsterdam and Amsterdam Economic Board welcomed the different stakeholder groups at the OI2 Conference 2016 Read more
From 03/06/2016 to 03/06/2016
The Open Innovation 2.0 was designed to be discussive with short speeches and a lot of conversations between speakers and participants. The process included also a world café session which resulted in further developing ideas. Read more
From 03/06/2016 to 05/07/2016
The European Commission has launched a call for tenders for a service contract with a total price that cannot exceed 300 000 Euros (total for three years). Read more
From 03/06/2016 to 29/06/2016
The European Commission has opened its draft of the Sharing and Reuse Framework for public comments. The document includes ten recommendations to help overcome the key challenges public administrations face when sharing and reusing ICT solutions. For each recommendation, the Framework also offers a practical tool free of charge, e.g. the EC’s machine translation service, the Joinup repository or the European Union’s public software licence. Read more
From 03/06/2016 to 03/06/2016
The purpose of this study, undertaken by Tech4i2 and Real Wireless for the European Commission, was to enable a better understanding of the use of harmonised licence-exempt frequency bands by different categories of radio equipment regulated under EU law in the range of 400 MHz – 6 GHz (SMART 2014/0012). Read more
From 03/06/2016 to 19/07/2016
The Commission has launched a call for tenders for the study on spectrum assignment in the EU. Read more
From 03/06/2016 to 03/06/2016
What is the eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020 about? Which are the main pillars and what is its scope? Who will benefit from it? How to get involved? Read more
From 03/06/2016 to 03/06/2016
this Info Day will be virtual only
The Virtual Info Day will cover four priorities of the 2016 CEF Telecom Calls: eDelivery, eIdentification and eSignature, European eJustice Portal, Public Open Data. Read more
From 03/06/2016 to 03/06/2016
This infographic explains why the European Commission proposed an update of EU audiovisual rules and the current context. Read more
From 02/06/2016 to 02/06/2016
The Innovation Luminary Awards Gala Dinner is part of the annual Open Innovation 2.0 Conference which in 2016 was co-organised by the European Commission DG CONNECT's Open Innovation Group (OISPG) together with Intel Labs Europe, Committee of the Regions, CGI, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, City of Amsterdam, and kindly supported by Dublin City Council. Read more