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E.g., 09-12-2016
From 21/11/2007 to 21/11/2007
London, United Kingdom
"Privacy Enhancing Technologies" (PETs) is the name given to a family of emerging hardware and software products identified by the European Commission as a preferred way to make it easier for people to protect their privacy. On 2 May 2007 the Commission adopted a Communication "Promoting Data Protection by Privacy Enhancing Technologies", in which it calls for stepping up research and development of PETs. Within this context, this event will bring together representatives from major stakeholders to recommend areas for future research, as well as strategies and activities to advance privacy enhancing technologies. Read more
The Conference and Exhibition "On RFID: The Next Step to the Internet of Things" held in Lisbon on 15-16 November 2007, closed with a wide consensus on the need for Europe to analyse, assess and develop common strategies for optimising the shift of RFID technology into an 'Internet of Things', whilst safeguarding sensitive information and protecting the privacy of individuals. Read more
High Level Conference on Nanotechnologies, Braga, 20-21 November 2007 Read more
Policy-makers, scientists and industrialists came together in Braga, Portugal to discuss the future of nanotechnology research in Europe. This comes at a positive time for European nanotechnology, with the public-private research partnerships for nanoelectronics and embedded systems close to becoming a reality, the European Commission identified as being the single largest investor in nanotechnology research, and a recently-completed public consultation on the principles for responsible nanotechnology research. But it is important to maintain momentum if Europe is not to miss the opportunities to be offered by this exciting area of science and technology. Read more
Telemedicine services such as the online support to doctors and nurses, are very useful in situations when expert opinion is needed both in emergency situations or routine check-ups. Read more
Technology developments can enhance the protection of privacy and at the same time allow law enforcement authorities for a secure and timely access to information, including personal data. The Conference on Public Security, Privacy and Technology, organised by the European Commission brings together public and private sectors representatives to discuss this topics. Read more
Conference on Public Security, Privacy and Technology, Brussels, 20 November 2007 Read more
From 19/11/2007 to 20/11/2007
Beijing, China
The Ni Hao Project aims to promote EU ICT research activities and policies to the Chinese actors in the market, to allow both the EU and China to mutually benefit from each other in the present changing and transition period in China. The Ni Hao Beijing Conference is a learning and networking event designed to promote European ICT research activities and encourage participation and cooperation between China and European research communities. Read more
From 19/11/2007 to 19/11/2007
Brussels, Belgium
The Organizational Change for Citizen centric eGovernment study (cc:eGov) is hosting this final dissemination event. The programme features Matt Poelmans from the Dutch e-citizen programme; Christoforos Korakas, highlighting the results of local participation in Trikala (Greece); Martin Brown, from the Scottish Local Government programme, and Lene Hartig Danielsen, from Aarhus (Denmark), talking about how that municipality is leading the way. The aim of the cc:eGov project was to look at the relationship between organisational change and the delivery of citizen-centric eGovernment services. Read more