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E.g., 30-04-2017
E.g., 30-04-2017
Women's hands with a sports bracelet and smart phone close-up
Women's hands with a sports bracelet and smart phone close-up
From 09/06/2016 to 09/06/2016
The European Commission has opened a public consultation on the safety of applications ("apps") and other non-embedded software as part of an effort to ensure a high level of health, safety and consumer protection. Read more
Cost Reduction Directive
From 08/06/2016 to 08/08/2016
The European Commission has launched a call for tender for the study on implementation and monitoring of measures under the broadband Cost Reduction Directive (Directive 61/2014). The study will examine the implementation of the cost reduction measures in the Member States, map progress in their application and identify best practices. The call is open until 8 August. Read more
From 08/06/2016 to 10/06/2016
Lausanne (CH)
The PASC Conference is a platform for interdisciplinary research across the areas of computational science, high-performance computing and various domain sciences: climate and weather, computer science and mathematics, emerging domains, engineering, life sciences, materials, physics and solid earth. Read more
From 08/06/2016 to 10/06/2016
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
The sessions of eHealth Week 2016 in Amsterdam will focus on Empowering People, Trust & Standards and Social Innovation & Transition. You can also attend the EU eHealth competition for SMEs, the interoperability IHE summit and matchmaking events. Read more
From 08/06/2016 to 10/06/2016
Vienna (AT)
CHIST-ERA is the "European Coordinated Research on Long-term Challenges in Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies" ERA-Net. This event brings together scientists and CHIST-ERA representatives to identify and formulate promising scientific and technological challenges at the frontier of research with a view to refine the scientific content of the call 2016. Read more
eHealth Week 2016
From 08/06/2016 to 10/06/2016
Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
These are the top 10 things not to be missed at the annual European eHealth Week in Amsterdam. Read more
From 08/06/2016 to 08/06/2016
European Commission Rue Philippe Le Bon, 3 - room 0.1 1000 Bruxelles Belgium
After one year of operating in a digital space, the Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO) Advisory Group will get together in this roundtable meeting to discuss questions relating to GIPO, just before the start of the Pan-European dialogue on Internet governance (EuroDIG). This gathering should lead to a greater understanding of how GIPO can be useful for its (potential) users around the world. Read more
From 07/06/2016 to 09/06/2016
The Conference will focus on the potential of Citizen Science in the European water innovation landscape, and in particular in the fields of flood risk management, environmental monitoring and meeting the challenges of the European Water Framework Directive and Flood Directive. Read more
From 07/06/2016 to 07/06/2016
The Code of Conduct on privacy for mobile health apps has now been formally submitted for comments to the Art 29 Data Protection Working Party. Once approved by this independent EU advisory group, the Code will be applied in practice: App developers will be able to voluntarily commit to follow its rules, which are based on EU data protection legislation. Read more
From 07/06/2016 to 07/06/2016
The Conference aims to share the SILVER experience with Pre-Commercial Procurement as an innovative tool for bringing new care technologies to the market. Participants will have an opportunity to hear from both procurers and contractors involved in the project’s Pre-Commercial Procurement exercise. Furthermore, the successful robotic solution – the Lean Elderly Assistant (LEA) – will be presented by its designers, Robot Care Systems. Silver is a project co-funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research. Read more