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E.g., 03-12-2016
E.g., 03-12-2016
Age-friendly housing
From 19/10/2016 to 19/10/2016
C-Mine Crib in Genk C-mine 12, 3600 Genk, Belgium
After events in the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, the European roadshow on age-friendly housing arrives in Genk, Belgium. Read more
From 19/10/2016 to 19/10/2016
CHARLEMAGNE, Rue de la Loi 170 1000 Brussels
Interested parties, such as representatives of network operators, service providers, users, consumers, manufacturers, trade unions, third countries and international organisations, are invited to a short debriefing session following the Communications Committee (COCOM) meeting on Wednesday 19 October 2016. Read more
SIFEM video
From 19/10/2016 to 19/10/2016
Through computer models of the inner ear, integrating multidisciplinary data and automating the data analysis process, the EU-funded SIFEM project has been working to enhance the accuracy of diagnosis and the efficiency of treating patients suffering from hearing loss. Now that the project has come to an end, it's time to analyse the results and think about the future. Read more
From 19/10/2016 to 19/10/2016
Avenue de Beaulieu 33, 1160, Auderghem, Bruxelles
The specific objective of this workshop is to validate and refine the results and recommendations arising from a study on "Smart Systems Integration & Smart Objects: how to enable a 'fast track to manufacturing' in Europe", thereby supporting the European Commission in formulating its policy and future programmes. Read more
Lorena Boix Alonso
From 18/10/2016 to 18/10/2016
On 7 October 2016, on the occasion of the annual conference of the European Centre for Press and Media freedom (ECPMF) in Leipzig, Lorena Boix Alonso, Head of the European Commission's Audiovisual and Media services Policy Unit gave the following speech on "Journalism under threat - the need to shout the truth". Read more
From 18/10/2016 to 18/10/2016
Startup Europe Comes to Universities (SEC2U) is a Europe wide initiative engaging many European Universities and enabling them to exhibit their effort with spreading entrepreneurial culture. Read more
From 18/10/2016 to 21/10/2016
Segovia, Spain
Researchers and innovators from all around the world will discuss novel approaches, challenges and potential solutions in technologies for wearable robots. Read more
From 18/10/2016 to 20/10/2016
Círculo de Bellas Artes -Madrid, Spain
The Cloud Forward 2016 Conference brings together experts from industry and academia to consider the future of Cloud Computing. Since computing is meant to be a main driver for future research, economies and societies, discussion for shaping the future of the area becomes crucial. With CF2016, European researchers have the opportunity to participate in leading this historic process, by submitting a Position Paper. Read more
From 18/10/2016 to 20/10/2016
Elsinore, Denmark
The H2020 project ESCAPE aims at developing world-class, exascale computing capabilities for numerical weather prediction (NWP) and future climate models. The project organises its first workshop, relevant for EU projects involving High Performance Computing for weather, climate, ocean/sea, Earth System Modelling communities, with dissemination and training sessions. Read more
From 18/10/2016 to 19/10/2016
Athens, Greece
Presentations from speakers at the Athens event are available online now. They highlight new innovation procurement initiatives in Member States as wel as new 2017 Horizon 2020 funding and EU assistance for innovation procurement. Read more