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E.g., 24-02-2017
E.g., 24-02-2017
From 16/02/2017 to 16/02/2017
The European Parliament Legal Affairs Committee recently presented a report on civil law rules on robotics. As there is an increasing public debate about the use of robots and artificial intelligence, this initiative comes at the right time and raises important questions for the European Union. I presented the European Commission's first reaction to this report during a seminar in the European Parliament. Read more
EU innovation prize
EU Prize
From 15/02/2017 to 15/02/2017
Nine impressive women entrepreneurs who have created outstanding innovations and brought them to market have been nominated for the Women Innovators 2017 Prize. Read more
From 15/02/2017 to 15/02/2017
The future holds much potential, whether we'll end up in Utopia or Dystopia will be up to us and the following few generations. Walter Van de Velde, European Commission FET Programme and Strategy Officer gives an inspiring Tedx Talk on "The Deep Future? It Starts With Believing In It" and on how the European Commission still believes in magic with its Future & Emerging Technologies funding scheme. Read more
EU-funded project
From 15/02/2017 to 15/02/2017
The survey examines ways of future collaboration between higher education institutions and external organizations. Read more
From 15/02/2017 to 15/02/2017
Parkinson's disease (PD) is a chronic, as yet incurable disease. Early diagnosis is a matter of increasing urgency, as prompt detection improves patient outcomes. Scientists of the EU-funded DIPAR project developed a digital sensor pen. By recording biomarkers, it enables diagnosis and monitoring of PD. Read more
From 15/02/2017 to 15/02/2017
Healthcare systems nowadays require a robust supply of both highly proficient eHealth/IT professionals as well as an overall workforce that has a sufficient level of digital skills to make the optimum use of eHealth information technology. You can now have your say on this matter: What are the needs, trends and gaps you are experiencing? Read more
From 15/02/2017 to 15/02/2017
The 11th meeting of the Digital Champions took place in the margins of the Digital Assembly in Bratislava Read more
From 15/02/2017 to 30/03/2017
The aim of this preparatory action is to develop and demonstrate a European-wide learning and assessment technology system and networks to facilitate the up- and re-skilling of people at risk of exclusion, in particular migrants, whilst empowering them to take more responsibilities for their own learning. The solution should deliver employability skills for the particular target group, by matching the interests and the current knowledge of these with the most demanded labour market skills and suggest possible learning roadmaps. Read more
From 15/02/2017 to 15/02/2017
February is the kickoff to a busy season of Digital Leadership Institute projects - with events for girls and women in tech.In particular, the next Girls Tech Fest is approaching! Read more
CSIG visual
From 15/02/2017 to 15/02/2017
Avenue de Beaulieu 25, 1160, Auderghem
The current Cloud Select Industry Group (C-SIG) is made up of representatives from European and multinational industry, public administrations and other interested players. Meetings with this group help the Commission gather feedback on major cloud-related issues from a variety of perspectives. Read more