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E.g., 30-03-2017
E.g., 30-03-2017
FIWARE project logo
From 30/03/2017 to 30/03/2017
FIWARE is an open source cloud platform with a collaborative and mature ecosystem of developers, innovation Hubs, accelerators, cities and more than 1000 SMEs and startups. Read more
From 30/03/2017 to 30/03/2017
Brussels, Belgium
The Core Resources for a Data Economy Conference brings together funding agencies, policy-makers and researchers in industry and academia to discuss the importance of data infrastructures for innovation and growth. It will present ELIXIR's work to develop indicators for Core Data Resources, showcase the impact of databases on science and the economy and discuss some of the challenges and solutions to the sustainability of these crucial resources. Read more
Roberto Viola addressing the Roundtable meeting
From 29/03/2017 to 29/03/2017
On 24 March, a high-level roundtable on the 'Main Challenges for Cybersecurity in the Energy System' took place as part of the Digital Day, the digital part of the celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome and preparing for forthcoming G7 discussions on cybersecurity. Read more
From 29/03/2017 to 29/03/2017
The report proposes that the European Commission should analyse potential threats to cybersecurity within the EU and how to combat them, and also encourage EU energy regions to cooperate and share information about cybersecurity risks. Read more
picture to illustrate the concept of artificial intelligence
From 29/03/2017 to 29/03/2017
Two Horizon 2020 projects, SecTrap and ProBOS, demonstrate how artificial intelligence can teach computers to spot malicious tinkering with their own code. Read more
This is the cover page of the report. It is blue and represents Europe and the European stars.
Picture of the cover of the report.
From 29/03/2017 to 29/03/2017
A report by the Future and Emerging Technologies Advisory Group (FETAG) brings recommendations for new research initiatives to be funded through the FET Flagship program. This scheme is part of the Excellent Science pillar of Horizon2020 and is currently providing support to the Graphene and the Human Brain Project flagships. A new flagship on Quantum Technology is also under preparation. Read more
From 29/03/2017 to 29/03/2017
The High Level Group of the Commission's Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) has published a new independent scientific opinion on cybersecurity in the Digital Single Market. At the request of the Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip, the scientific advisers make a number of recommendations to make it easier and safer for people and businesses to operate online in the EU. Read more
This is a picture of Katrin Amunts holding an x-ray of the human brain
Katrin Amunts is holding an x-ray of the human brain.
From 29/03/2017 to 29/03/2017
Professor Katrin Amunts is Chair of the Science and Infrastructure Board of the Human Brain Project, a Future and Emerging Technologies Flagship of the European Commission aiming to understand the human brain. In this interview, Katrin explains how understanding our brain will help the future of human kind. Read more
From 29/03/2017 to 29/03/2017
Cultural Centre of Belém, Lisbon, Portugal
The European Commission invites public administration representatives, legal and procurement officers and providers of IT solutions for the public sector to participate in the Sharing & Reuse Conference 2017. Read more
From 28/03/2017 to 28/03/2017
The BEREC guidelines on retail roaming explains consistent application of the new rules on Fair Use Policy an sustainability mechanism. Read more