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E.g., 10-12-2016
E.g., 10-12-2016
Picture of a keyhole and inside you see a landscape with a tree
From 21/11/2016 to 21/11/2016
The November 2016 edition of the FET Newsletter brings the latest news on Future and Emerging Technologies: the Horizon 2020 evaluation, quantum news, decoding the Human Brain, portrait of a FET researcher, HPC overview, funding opportunities and interesting project news and future events. Read more
From 18/11/2016 to 18/11/2016
The European Commission has just approved the Trillium Bridge II project to further strengthen transatlantic co-operation in eHealth. Karima Bourquard, Interoperability Director of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise, talks about what has been achieved so far and how you can get involved in this transatlantic project. Read more
From 18/11/2016 to 18/11/2016
If you have always been dreaming about opening your own TV channel, you will be very keen to hear about the SmartSet project and its envisaged final product. Read more
From 18/11/2016 to 18/11/2016
The Commission has published a report on how EU countries are using the Cross-border Healthcare Directive. Health Commissioner Andriukaitis emphasised the importance of this legislation for patients' rights and called to improve patient information and National Contact Points coordination. Read more
From 18/11/2016 to 18/11/2016
These calls for proposal relate to the Rare Diseases Registry, improving mental health care and its accessibility, monitoring and treating chronic and rheumatic diseases, and breast cancer. Read more
From 18/11/2016 to 18/11/2016
The EDCi 2016 index provides information about the strengths and weaknesses of 60 local ecosystems from around Europe Read more
From 18/11/2016 to 18/11/2016
Our responsibility, within the expert group on Quantum Technology Flagship, is to recommend to the Commission a strategic agenda and an efficient model for the future Flagship, by June 2017. To deliver, we need to hear from the community. This is why we organised a workshop in Berlin on 10 November 2016. Read more
European Robotics Week brought to you by SPARC with a colourful star as a symbol
From 18/11/2016 to 27/11/2016
The 6th edition of the European Robotics Week takes place on 18-27th November 2016. The number of robot related activities is expected to reach over 700 all over Europe and beyond as far away as Pakistan this year. Lots of activities are open for the general public and free of charge. Read more
The official poster for the European Robotics Week 2016 featuring the iCub robot
From 18/11/2016 to 25/11/2016
The 6th European Robotics Week (ERW2016) officially takes off on the 18th November 2016 in Amsterdam. During a full week labs, schools, research centres and robotics companies open the doors to the public to show what robots can do to help us today. All over Europe there will be chances to meet the big humanoids and drones and to see how industrial robots really work, as well as toy robots for the smaller children to play with. Read more
From 18/11/2016 to 20/11/2016
Oude Boteringestraat 19, 9712 GC Groningen
EIT Health VentureLab Weekend is a 3-day-long event where aspiring entrepreneurs in healthcare, healthy ageing and medical business can find out if their startup ideas are viable. Apply before 1 November 2016. Read more