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E.g., 11-12-2016
E.g., 11-12-2016
EU eHealth Hub
From 17/11/2016 to 17/11/2016
The eHealth Hub isa cross-border, newly EU-funded initiative. It will provide business oriented services tailored to the needs of European eHealth SMEs and relevant stakeholders (investors, demand side stakeholders, commercial distributors, legal and regulatory firms and experts). Read more
Preterm babies
From 16/11/2016 to 16/11/2016
Using big data to better monitor early born babies: Dr. Pladys, working on the Horizon 2020 DigiNew-B project, has written a blog post about what tech can do for neonatology. Read more
From 16/11/2016 to 16/11/2016
Between 13 July and 4 September 2015, Citizen Science projects were asked to answer a questionnaire to provide the Joint Research Centre (JRC) and Citizen Science practitioners around the globe with insights into their data management approaches and best practices. With this activity, the JRC wanted to better understand examples of current practice and use this as a basis for discussions with Citizen Science communities world-wide. Read more
Personalised Medicine Conference
From 16/11/2016 to 16/11/2016
The Personalised Medicine conference organised by the European Commission in July 2016, addressed the policy perspective on personalised medicine, an up and coming paradigm in healthcare. Five major challenges were identified. Read more
From 16/11/2016 to 16/11/2016
Brussels, Brussels Capital Region, Belgium
The second meeting of the H2020 Future Internet Forum will focus on 5G, Cloud, Internet of Things and Next Generation Internet. Next to the formal exchange of information between the Commission and the Members in the morning, four working groups will brainstorm on these four topics in the afternoon. There will also be a presentation on "Copyright - The modernisation of EU rules". Read more
From 15/11/2016 to 15/11/2016
Meet Ilka Maria Axmann, Junior-Professor and Head of the Institute for Synthetic Microbiology at Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf and Coordinator of the RiboNets project funded under the FET Young Explorers scheme of the Future & Emerging Technologies (FET) programme. Read more
From 15/11/2016 to 15/11/2016
At ICT Proposers' Day 2016 in Bratislava, Intrinsic-ID was awarded the prestigious EU Innovation Radar Prize 2016. Pim Tuyls, Founder and CEO of Intrinsic-ID, writes about the project in a guest blog post. Read more
From 15/11/2016 to 15/01/2017
The European Commission has launched a public stakeholder consultation which will feed into the interim evaluation of Horizon 2020, the EU's €77 billion research and innovation funding scheme (2014-2020). The evaluation will help improve the functioning of Horizon 2020, and will also be an important element in preparations of a next EU research and innovation programme. Read more
From 15/11/2016 to 16/11/2016
Bratislava, Slovakia
The workshop will focus on data related topics, collaborative services for e-Infrastructure Commons and the e-IRG Roadmap. Read more
ETC 2016
From 15/11/2016 to 16/11/2016
Oslo, Norway
This educational momentum workshop is about the 18 critical success factors, from leadership to operations, to expand and enhance telehealth and telecare services in a local setting. Read more