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E.g., 27-04-2017
E.g., 27-04-2017
GrowMeUp logo
GrowMeUp project logo
From 26/04/2017 to 26/04/2017
"We have just entered our third and final year, and what a journey it has been!" writes GrowMeUp project coordinator Jorge Dias in his blog post. "Guess what? During this challenging period, seniors, who we aim to assist in the first place, decided that they can be of help to the robots." Read more
Logo eHealth Adoption Awards
From 26/04/2017 to 26/04/2017
What are the best success stories when it comes to deploying eHealth in Europe? The eHealth Adoption Awards, supported by the European Commission, recognise the work of both adopters and their technological suppliers in implementing digital health innovation for the benefit of patients. Read more
From 25/04/2017 to 25/04/2017
The video highlights the current developments in the field of High-Performance Computing in Europe. Prepared by PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe), the video was presented during the Digital Day that took place in Rome on the 23rd of March 2017. Read more
This is a map showing the connectivity between Europe and Central Asia (Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgystan) thanks to the CAREN project.
Bringing Gigabit-speed connectivity to Central Asia​
From 25/04/2017 to 25/04/2017
Researchers, academics and students in Central Asia and Europe are already starting to benefit from the recent deployment of a ring of 1 Gbps circuits for research and education (R&E) across the regions, inaugurated on 25th of April 2017. Read more
This is a picture showing the nervous system inside a retina.
This is a picture showing the nervous system inside a retina.
From 25/04/2017 to 25/04/2017
Understanding the neurobiological processes beyond the retinal functioning is essential and the RENVISION project is focused on understanding retinal processing and developing retina-inspired computational approaches. The project achieved technological advances both in terms of computational tools, high-density multielectrode array technologies and light microscopy. Which are the future perspectives and how to share the technological achievements with the scientific community? Read more
Image of the microprocessor chip designed by the researchers
First fully functional microprocessor based on a graphene-like layered material
From 24/04/2017 to 24/04/2017
Researchers from the Future & Emerging Technologies (FET) Graphene Flagship have demonstrated the first fully functional microprocessor based on a layered material. Consisting of 115 integrated transistors, the processor chip is a first step toward ultra-thin, flexible devices and holds promise for integrating computational power into everyday objects and surfaces. Read more
From 24/04/2017 to 24/04/2017
The Broadband Competence Offices Support Facility (BCO-SF) had the privilege to interview Mr. Gunnar Muent, Director of the Innovation and Competitiveness Department at the European Investment Bank (EIB) and discuss about the launch of the Connecting Europe Broadband Fund (CEBF). Read more
From 24/04/2017 to 24/04/2017
The event took place on 24 April 2017 in Brussels, from 9:30h to 16:30h. Read more
Logo of the Flemish new support program for innovation procurements
Picture with letters illustrating the Flemish new support program for innovation procurements
From 22/04/2017 to 22/04/2017
The Flanders region in Belgium launched the first call under its renewed support program for innovation procurement. The scheme offers co-financing of certain costs related to the preparation and implementation of pre-commercial procurements and public procurements of innovative solutions. Call deadline is 15 June 2017. Read more
PPI4HPC project acronym in logo format
PPI4HPC stands for Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI) for High Performance Computing (HPC)
From 21/04/2017 to 21/04/2017
PPI4HPC -Public Procurement of Innovative solutions for High Performance Computing- is forming a buyers group to launch together a joint PPI procurement of about 73 EUR million. The involved supercomputing centres are JUELICH (DE), CEA/GENCI (FR), CINECA (IT) and BSC (ES). Read more