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E.g., 29-09-2016
E.g., 29-09-2016
European Congress on eCardiology & eHealth
From 26/10/2016 to 28/10/2016
Berlin (Germany)
At this conference you can hear about cutting edge science and discover new and emerging applications in eHealth and telemedicine in both chronic disease management and cardiology. A promotional code is available. Read more
From 25/10/2016 to 26/10/2016
Athens, Greece
This event aims to become the meeting point for eHealth stakeholders from Southeast Europe, the Balkans and the Mediterranean region promoting innovation and business collaboration. In parallel, the eHealth Forum Festival showcases how innovation helps us to manage our health and wellbeing. Read more
Doremi logo
From 25/10/2016 to 25/10/2016
Brussels, Belgium
Researchers of the EU-funded Doremi project have been studying early warning signs of malnutrition as well as physical and cognitive deterioration and are looking at possible solutions to improve older people’s quality of life across Europe. Their final event will present the outcome of the two-year research project and its synergies with other relevant EU projects. Read more
From 24/10/2016 to 25/10/2016
London, United Kingdom
At this event, organised by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, the latest advances in the area of Active and Assisted Living (AAL) will be presented. Being a multidisciplinary area, the event would attract researchers and professionals with different expertise: technological, health, care and social sciences, business. Full papers are invited on all aspects of active and assistive living from academia, industry and others to be selected for oral presentations through a peer reviewed system. Read more
poster of the event
poster of the event
From 20/10/2016 to 20/10/2016
Bengalore, India
Startup Europe India Network, in collaboration with Startup Europe, organises the first edition of Startup EU-India Summit, an open event where the Indian and European startup ecosystems, are brought together in a one-of-a-kind initiative. Read more
From 20/10/2016 to 20/10/2016
Brussels - venue to be confirmed shortly
Building on the success of the inaugural Public Sector Transformation Conference in 2015, key themes to be addressed at this year's event include: the eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020, the European Interoperability Framework ISA2 and the European Open Science Cloud. Read more
From 19/10/2016 to 19/10/2016
Avenue de Beaulieu 33, 1160, Auderghem, Bruxelles
The specific objective of this workshop is to validate and refine the results and recommendations arising from a study on "Smart Systems Integration & Smart Objects: how to enable a 'fast track to manufacturing' in Europe", thereby supporting the European Commission in formulating its policy and future programmes. Read more
From 18/10/2016 to 21/10/2016
Segovia, Spain
Researchers and innovators from all around the world will discuss novel approaches, challenges and potential solutions in technologies for wearable robots. Read more
From 18/10/2016 to 20/10/2016
Elsinore, Denmark
The H2020 project ESCAPE aims at developing world-class, exascale computing capabilities for numerical weather prediction (NWP) and future climate models. The project organises its first workshop, relevant for EU projects involving High Performance Computing for weather, climate, ocean/sea, Earth System Modelling communities, with dissemination and training sessions. Read more
From 18/10/2016 to 20/10/2016
Círculo de Bellas Artes -Madrid, Spain
The Cloud Forward 2016 Conference brings together experts from industry and academia to consider the future of Cloud Computing. Since computing is meant to be a main driver for future research, economies and societies, discussion for shaping the future of the area becomes crucial. With CF2016, European researchers have the opportunity to participate in leading this historic process, by submitting a Position Paper. Read more